1st December 2023


Since 1984, Sintech has delivered original-equipment products for a broad range of mining applications throughout Africa, specialising in the manufacture and service of brakes and clutches.

Having assembled a unique range of products, all of which are market-leading brands in their respective fields, Sintech is able to offer cost-effective solutions tailored to customer needs.

Sintech’s products are all fully supported by its modern workshop, which has been designed in consultation with its principals and is staffed by fully qualified technicians.

Sintech carries the full range of spares to support its products and is positioned to perform service exchanges and carry out rebuild programmes.

Sintech offers full traceability throughout the life cycle of a brake solution, including supply and subsequent rebuilds. In this way, the company can monitor trends and brake life, while providing ongoing consultation on potential improvements, where appropriate.

Sintech has an open invitation to its workshop for all current and future customers. The company believes that, once customers are exposed to its professional service offering, they will not want to go elsewhere.