Self-powered bit sharpener is a toolkit must-have

17th October 2019

New technology in drill sharpening promises a new lease on life for old, damaged and blunt drill bits. 

The aim is for the self-powered bit sharpener to become one of the most valued machines in any industry, workshop or do-it-yourself toolkit.

The units are available in two models, offering different features and a number of options for sharpening angles. Each model comes with a specific instruction booklet, complete with step-by-step directions and explanatory diagrams.

The Drill Doctor 750 X model is used to sharpen standard steel twist and masonry bits from 3 mm to 19 mm and offers custom point angle sharpening, set to any angle from 115° to 140°.

It features adjustable material take-off, which allows the machine to sharpen more or less aggressively. This means that a user can change the amount of material removed during sharpening,  which could potentially extend the life of the bits.

The unit has a cast aluminium point angle shuttle for added durability. It sharpens carbide, cobalt, high-speed steel, black oxide, tin-coated, twist and masonry bits. The longer chuck jaws hold the bits more precisely and the jaw guides reduce jaw twisting on small bits.

In addition, the machine can create and sharpen split point bits. The "Push to Stop" drill point splitting port aims to prevent an over-split bit point, while the permanent magnet motor promises consistent power regardless of speed or load. The diamond sharpening wheel can be replaced when necessary.

The range is distributed by Vermont Sales and is available at retail stores countrywide.