SE4ALL launches campaign to help drive reliable energy supply

16th March 2021 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Deputy Editor Online

International organisation Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) has launched a new year-long campaign called “Be Bold” to drive ambitious action to meet Sustainable Development Goal number seven (SDG7), which calls for affordable and reliable energy for all by 2030.

The campaign follows the realisation that affordable and clean energy for all can help alleviate the global crises of extreme poverty and climate change.

SEforALL launched the campaign in recognition that this year is a pivotal year for the clean energy transition given the need for Covid-19 recovery and with two major opportunities for change happening later this year: the United Nations (UN) High-level Dialogue on Energy and the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, or COP26.

“Be Bold is about giving everyone – governments, businesses, development and financial institutions, and everyday citizens – a set of actions to help realise affordable and clean energy for all,” the organisation explains.

This “whole of the world” approach is itself bold, it states.

By broadening the SDG7 movement, the campaign strives to bring previously unheard voices into the discussion around energy as the foundation for achieving other global goals, including the other SDGs and the Paris Agreement targets.

“A clean energy transition that ensures sufficient access to energy for all is essential to economic recovery from Covid-19 and net zero by 2050,” SEforALL states.

Be Bold asks citizens who support the clean energy transition to become members of the SDG7 movement through a new dedicated Be Bold website. These members will be engaged throughout the year with shareable, digital content they can use to attract others to the movement, building a critical mass of SDG7 supporters that will help advocate for action from decision-makers.

Importantly, Be Bold will promote the same actions sought by the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy. Specifically, Be Bold will call on businesses, governments and other organisations to make commitments through the Dialogue’s Energy Compacts.

These Energy Compacts will specify SDG7-related commitments and actions and account for their impact on other SDGs and Nationally Determined Contributions towards achieving the Paris Agreement.

“During such a critical year for the energy transition, we need bold action to ensure we leave no one behind. From powering health clinics to creating new jobs, energy is at the heart of a prosperous future for all,” says SEforALL CEO Damilola Ogunbiyi.

“The Be Bold campaign highlights the critical role that access to clean and affordable energy plays in achieving climate action and other global goals.

“The campaign will attract global citizens, companies, development institutions, governments and many others to become part of the SDG7 movement, whose collective voice will help raise ambition and secure new commitments for the High-level Dialogue on Energy and COP26,” she notes.