S&D pipe SANS 791 certification: Draft 1

7th February 2024 By: Creamer Media Reporter

S&D pipe SANS 791 certification: Draft 1

Agrico adds SANS 791-certified sewage and drain pipe to its product offering

We are proud to announce that Agrico received SANS 791 certification for the production of sewage and drain (S&D) pipe.

Accreditation is awarded to unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) S&D pipe that is manufactured according to the SANS 791 specification and certified as such by SATAS, as an assurance of top quality and durability.

Building upon a long history of pipe production

With over 30 years of experience, Agrico is South Africa’s oldest remaining manufacturer of PVC pipe. We manufacture the pipe in our fully owned large-scale production facility located in Bellville, Cape Town, where it is subjected to stringent control to ensure quality and longevity.

Our uPVC IsoFlo and mPVC IsoTuff pressure pipes conform to the SANS 966-1 and SANS 966-2 standards, respectively, and are certified as such. By receiving SANS 791 accreditation for IsoDrain (our S&D pipe), we have taken the next step to ensure that buyers of Agrico pipes receive products of the highest standards.

“Customers of Agrico have already witnessed a number of exciting changes when it comes to our PVC pipe offering,  like the re-certification of our uPVC and mPVC pressure pipes, and now the introduction of a S&D pipe offering,” says Peter Ker-Fox, PVC expert at Agrico. “And there are still plans in the pipeline for certified High Impact mining and civil pipes to come.”

Key features of Agrico S&D pipes

Standard S&D pipe is used underground in non-pressure applications for the conveyance of sewage and drain water. Its application stretches across various market sectors. It is often used in the plumbing industry for domestic applications and in the civil market for municipal and infrastructure applications.

S&D pipe is lightweight, and easy to handle and install. It is resistant to corrosion, moisture and roots, while offering high flow capacity. Our S&D pipes undergo various quality-control checks, enabling them to withstand the pressures of soil shifting, frost, freezing or thawing conditions.

Agrico manufactures S&D pipes in the following diameters : 110 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 250mm, 315 mm, 355 mm (which we were able to manufacture from November 2022), 400 mm and 500 mm. There are two different duty ratings, i.e. normal duty (duty 51) and heavy-duty (duty 34). Pipes can be supplied either with a rubber ring joint or plain-ended.

Delivery and support throughout southern Africa

Agrico currently produces more than 3 000 km of PVC pipe per year, and its PVC factory in Bellville has spare capacity to produce more.

With more than 35 branches across southern Africa, we offer far-reaching support and service. Expert design and engineering capabilities, paired with extensive stock, ready-for-sale products and nationwide delivery ensure a streamlined sales, delivery and support system.

Contact Agrico for a quote by sending an email to sales@agrico.co.za, or calling us on +27 21 950 4111. Alternatively, contact us via the Agrico website at www.agrico.co.za/contact.