Sarens is the global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport

15th June 2021

Sarens is the global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport

At Sarens Siba, we have the noble mission to be the reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport for our clients in the region of Southern Africa. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and value engineering, we offer our clients creative and intelligent solutions to today’s heavy lifting and engineered transport challenges.

As part of our growth expansion plan and business plan, in this edition, we are highlighting our Sasolburg depot which is mainly focused on the Petrochemical players and its contractors within the Vaal Triangle. 

Sarens Siba opened its Sasolburg depot in April 2018 in the Eco Industrial business park. Our Area Sales Manager Abrie Burger was there from the start. “The past 2 years were challenging times for us. We have worked very hard on our new brand since we last served our clients in the Vaal Triangle area, around 10 years ago,” says Abrie Burger. “If you ask me what the most exciting part of my job is, then it is introducing our new brand “Sarens Siba” to our clients.

It encouraged me to promote Sarens Siba, our rebranded name and Level 1 BBBEE company, and introduce this to our clients. Our company went through a management change and put our focus on overhauling our equipment, where we brought them back to European mechanical standards. Being able to bring this to the table for our clients is very important for us. Whenever our clients require a crane, Sarens Siba is a reliable partner.” 

In our depot, we serve our clients within 
the Vaal Triangle who require crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport. By deploying our decentralization strategy from our Brakpan headquarters, 
we strive to accommodate our clients by being at their doorstep. We started off with two smaller 30T cranes for one of our clients on a long-term assignment. Today, we have grown our depot to a fleet of 14 cranes, ranging from 20T to 160T mobile.”

“The added value this depot brings towards our clients is enormous,” says Abrie Burger.

“To name an example, one of the questions raised by one of our clients was: What is it that we do differently from other companies when it comes to localization strategy? I still remember that we went back to the office 
where we reworked our localization strategy which is currently being deployed in our Depot. We not only employ from the local communities, but we upskill our personnel and work together with our suppliers to identify individuals who 
we can send to other projects as well. Today, we have people working from our Sasolburg depot in various parts of our country. It’s not limited to Sasolburg anymore.”

In general, our customers require our services for their plant maintenance, shutdown, and project work. By being at their doorstep, we can react faster to their needs and avoid downtime of their plant. We are within a 5KM radius from the majority of the Petrochemical plants and its contractors.

Apart from general maintenance and lifting that we perform on site, customers can come to us for their planned shutdown activities. Sarens Siba provides fully fledged operational and fleet services for shutdowns. “Last year we performed multiple shutdowns, with one of them peaking up to more than 30 cranes, including operators, safety staff and site supervision. All was executed with zero lost time and zero accidents or incidents on site. Our focus during shutdowns is driven by safety and operational excellence.”

As we move beyond the challenges of COVID, we strive to offer continued services, to observe and explore opportunities in shifting market conditions, to improve our systems and processes, and deliver excellent services to our clients with top safety standards. 


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