Safely connecting power cables and electricity

15th July 2022

Safely connecting power cables and electricity

KonNx supplies high voltage cable couplers to the mining industry

High voltage cable coupler manufacturer KonNx designs, manufactures and distributes high and low voltage cable couplers and connectors for use in heavy industrial applications, such as opencast and underground mining and tunneling.

The company notes that the safe and reliable performance of its products is crucial to industrial operations and equipment such as through draglines, electrical shovels and drill rigs, incorporating products ranging from 1.1 kV to 35 kV and 60 A to 800 A.

The products are designed to create long-lasting, robust solutions that are able to perform reliably in the tough environmental conditions prevalent in mining, tunneling and excavation projects. Cable couplers and connectors are said to offer a safe and efficient means of ensuring mobility of equipment, compared to the traditional hard wiring of cables.

KonNx products are designed to be homogeneous with the cable, allowing for the elimination of phase-to-phase faults. “The more power that is running through a system the more catastrophic a phase-to-phase fault will be. A serious explosion would develop and could risk people's lives if they were close to the explosion,” the company says.