Rubber specialist bounces new product into play

31st March 2006

Rubber specialist Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco) has developed a new skirting rubber to be used along the sides of a conveyor belt, which keeps materials from spilling during loading and to protect the conveyor system at the same time.

The Truco Grey Skirting comes in a 55-shore hard compound.

It is available in rolls of 1 200 mm wide or cut widths of 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm. On request, Truco can deliver even wider units. Available in thick-nesses of between 10 mm and 12 mm, the abrasion-resistant pro-duct will be sold as skirting rubber in lengths of 10 m or 20 m each.

Neoprene, a medium-grade red polymer, and a beige natural-gum rubber is also now available from Truco’s sheeting division. Neoprene can handle oil-based products, higher operating temper- atures and harsh weather conditions. It is also flame retardant. This material, normally used in the manufacture of components like gaskets and high-temperature-resistant conveyor skirting, is available in thicknesses from 1,5 mm to 20 mm.

The natural-gum beige rubber is a natural-rubber product, offering good memory and excellent abrasion resistance. Ideal for abrasion prevention in linings, chutes and buffers, it comes with a high tensile strength and elongation and is available in thicknesses from 1,5 mm to 6 mm. Finally, Truco is offering a new white food-grade natural rubber. This nontoxic product has good abrasion resistance and is generally used in the food and beverage industry for food gaskets, buffers, liners and also as conveyors. Standard thicknesses available range from 1,5 mm to 10 mm.