Rubber compound revolutionising mine site mill operations

31st January 2022

Rubber compound revolutionising mine site mill operations

Inside the discharge end of a ball mill, fitted with spiral lifters and rubber grates

A premium-grade rubber compound that offers superior wear life and performance in mill lining applications has been developed in response to demand for higher-wearing rubbers for mill lining systems.

Weir Minerals says that its Vulco R67 rubber is an optimum material which is manufactured with proprietary new compounds and innovative methods of processing to deliver outstanding wear life and longer uptime.

The company says that extensive field research, compound testing and site trials were conducted to ensure that the material was not only able to withstand severe abrasion in typical mill system applications, but that it is best in class. Weir Minerals asserts that the material has been the most wear-resistant rubber compound that it has ever developed for mill lining applications. The R67 compound boasts a high hardness, elongation, tensile and tear strength, and is suitable for lifter bars, head/shell plates and grates. When utilised in conjunction with metal cap mill liners, the result is said to be a versatile, economical and efficient product that weighs up to 50% less than steel alone, with the added benefit that it is a lighter product that is faster, easier and safer to install.

Since its launch in 2018, the R67 compound has been implemented into mill lining systems across the globe. Mining operators have reported as much as 20% to 40% improvement in wear life, resulting in fewer mill lining replacements and longer mill campaigns. Reduced shutdowns help to increase cost savings and improve plant availability.

With a liner that can run significantly longer, operators report a range of benefits, including:

Weir Minerals also custom-engineer liners to suit each mill’s unique requirements for optimal wear life. The company asserts that its R67 elastomer compound is changing the way mills operate - with exceptional results. Extensive global trials and commercial installations in the market have resulted in several successful outcomes across a variety of different grinding applications. Vulco R67 mill liners are made exclusively at Weir Minerals facilities in North and South America, Australia and South Africa, with plans to expand production into more regions.