Routine mechanical maintenance emphasised as preventive measure

6th October 2017

Routine mechanical  maintenance emphasised  as preventive measure

QUALITY IN CONFORMING SPP Pumps conforms to various UK and European standards to ensure quality and longevity in their pumps products

UK-based pumps supplier SPP Pumps has emphasised the importance of routine mechanical maintenance, among other preventive measures, to improve pump reliability.

SPP Pumps’ products comply with mandatory UK and European regulations and approvals, which guarantee extensive testing of all pumps.

Regulations in the UK and Europe include adhering to the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire, and the Energy Using Products directives. Strict conformity ensures reliability and long life cycle of the company’s pumps.

SPP Pumps has led the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and engineered pumping solutions for over 130 years. The company is also a member of the South African Pump Manufacturers Association (Sapma).

Pump Life Cycle Support
Routine mechanical maintenance is not the only factor that improves pump reliability. Poor or incorrect installation, poor pump and system matching, or changing operating parameters after commissioning can all lead to premature problems and, potentially, costly failures or downtime.

Pump installation is a specialist skill, and is not always available from general mechanical installation companies. SPP Pumps offers a full installation and commissioning service, which includes supervising the installation process.

SPP Pumps explains that each pump is tested in the company’s extensive facility. Pumps undergo rigorous duty tests, witnessed by customers and contractors where required, to ensure that the performance criteria are met. SPP Pumps’ facility boasts a 1.2-million litre well, which is 6 m deep. Engineers can test pressures up to 50 bar, flows up to 2 000 ℓ/s, and at 50 Hz power up to 800 kW at 415 V, and 2 MW at 11 kV, 10 kV, 6.6 kV, 5 kV and 3.3 kV, with generators available for even higher powers or voltages.

SPP Pumps’ range of horizontal and vertical multistage pumps is ideal for high head applications that require a heavy-duty long-life pump. A variety of construction material options and generously rated bearings meet the demands of water and industrial applications. Computational fluid dynamics-tuned hydraulics and modern manufacturing techniques optimise efficiencies and minimise running costs, with rigid, heavy-duty fabricated steel baseplates used to prevent distortion.

Over the last 15 years, life cycle cost analysis and total expenditure considerations have changed the way operations view capital projects to replace pump systems and plants. Rising energy costs, government levies imposed on carbon dioxide production, and the expense of services outages result in capital cost representing a mere 10% of the total lifecycle spend.

SPP Pumps’ lowest life cycle cost range has been engineered to provide the most efficient pumps, with minimal maintenance and the lowest cost solutions over a pump’s typical 25-year lifetime.

Sapma has endorsed SPP Pumps’ success and innovation, which has propelled SPP Pumps in becoming a key industry player. Sapma also says SPP Pumps is a model of the calibre of members within the association.