20th March 2020


Rocketmine, a subsidiary of the listed Delta Drone Group, is Africa’s leading premier drone data service provider. 

Fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Rocketmine provides professional and cost-effective services while focusing on delivering safe, reliable and accurate data to clients. 

As owners of the largest fleet in Africa, Rocketmine provides customised drone data solutions to improve operational efficiencies and systems. With over 7 500 flight hours in multiple sectors, clients trust Rocketmine for its unparalleled experience and expertise. 

Rocketmine’s pricing includes everything you need to set up a drone data solution on site within 30 days, including:

Rocketmine drone data solutions provide real-time information for quick decision making. The company understands what it takes to deliver highly accurate survey-grade data with speed, precision and expertise. 

Rocketmine provides clients with fleet maintenance and systems management, while also assisting with all compliance and licensing requirements. The company keeps clients on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and advances in artificial intelligence.

Everything Rocketmine does is designed to make you better and faster!