Robust wedge belts transmit 30% more power

9th October 2020

Robust wedge belts transmit 30% more power

HIGH PERFORMANCE BMG’s Fenner Quattro Plus TW heavy-duty wedge belts offer high performance, maximum drive efficiency and extended service life in tough conditions.

Engineering components provider BMG’s extensive range of Fenner power transmission components now comprises Fenner Quattro Plus Twin Wrap (TW) wedge belts, which transmit 30% more power than conventional belts.

These maintenance-free wedge belts, made from wrapped chloroprene rubber, have a two-ply, higher modulus polyester cord outer jacket to reduce belt elongation and improve stability in tough operating conditions, says BMG power transmission division business unit manager Carlo Beukes.

“Fenner Quattro Plus TW wedge belts cope extremely well in harsh African conditions and the [series’] maintenance-free feature is a major advantage where there is a shortage of skilled labour.”

It is common to see belts prone to downtime and requiring maintenance, simply because they are unable to withstand demanding operating conditions. Conventional belts installed in dusty environments tend to stretch unevenly and slip and jump out of pulley grooves or even melt if they are unable to cope with extreme temperatures.”

With the installation of appropriate belts – designed to adapt to the specific application and environmental conditions – maintenance staff are able to prioritise preventive maintenance, he adds.

The Fenner Quattro Plus TW belts’ asymmetric weave double jacket is heat- and oil-resistant, offering increased durability and improved abrasion resistance in harsh conditions.

Other important features include high performance, maximum drive efficiency and extended service life. The belts, which offer up to 96% energy efficiency at optimum performance, are designed for easy installation as a permanent replacement, with minimal downtime.

BMG’s Fenner Quattro Plus TW belts, which are suitable for counter-bending, back-tensioners and clutches, can withstand an extended temperature range of between –30 ºC and 80 ºC.

This range complies with international standards, including BS 3790, ISO 4184, DIN 7753 and American Petroleum Institute specifications. Fenner Quattro Plus belts also meet the highest standards for static conductivity, namely ISO 1813 standards.

The belts are particularly well-suited for heavy industrial applications, including crushers, heavy-duty conveyors, waste compactors and pumps.

BMG’s portfolio of Fenner power transmission components includes a range of high strength friction transmission belts that offers longer service life, higher drive efficiency and reduced downtime when compared with conventional V-belts.

Other Fenner products include synchronous transmission belts, pulleys and accessories, as well as shaft fixings, chain drives and couplings. BMG also supplies Fenner shaft-mounted speed reducers.

This robust range is available from BMG’s broad branch network, which also offers a technical advisory and 24-hour support service throughout Africa.