Restore the original function of castings, reduce scrap & save with polymeric coating solutions from Thermaspray

17th May 2016

Restore the original function of castings, reduce scrap & save with polymeric coating solutions from Thermaspray

Diamant polymeric metal product solutions from Thermaspray, in partnership with Diamant Metallplastic GmbH based in Germany, can deliver substantial cost savings for the foundry industry by significantly reducing scrap through the restoration of the original function of castings.

Porosity, blow holes, surface defects, metal fatigue, erosion and corrosion are some of the major causes of scrap which can be the most expensive part of a production process. The outstanding properties of the versatile, ready-for-use Diamant polymeric protective and repair coatings, Dichtol, meet the extreme conditions in the foundry environment head on. Solutions range from the sealing of porosity and the repair of blow holes to the aesthetic correction of surface defects.

According to Thermaspray Managing Director, Dr. Jan Lourens, porosity in castings is one of the major causes of parts having to be scrapped. “Dichtol is a proven capillary-active impregnation polymer from Diamant that has been specially formulated to address the needs of the foundry industry,” states Lourens and explains: “Dichtol’s excellent capillary action ensures that the polymer immediately impregnates thermal spray coatings, penetrating deeply (up to 20mm) into the casting, reliably sealing micro-pores and cracks to protect the metallic surfaces of even the most complex structures against corrosion. The capillary sealer is able to impregnate form-locking and restore pressure tightness of castings.”

The capability of Dichtol to enhance the surface and varnish properties of castings with a perfect, transparent and invisible finish also makes the application of this Diamant coating ideal for the repair of blowholes (contraction cavities) and surface defects. Furthermore, Dichtol is gentle to castings and presents a proven alternative to complex restricted welding.

The highly flexible Diamant coating systems are extremely resistant to abrasive wear, chemical wear (oils fuels, acids, etc.) as well as thermal degradation (up to 1600°C). Dr. Lourens adds that the polymer can permanently resist temperatures of up to 500°C and is heat resistant to 250°C after approximately only one hour after application.

The Diamant polymeric coatings also offer numerous cost and time saving benefits to the production process; the products’ easy application onto a porous surface through dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying makes the coatings ideal for on-the-spot repairs and eliminates the need for high investment costs such as an in-house vacuum impregnating line.

Furthermore, convenient in-house application allows for short lead times, low maintenance and reduced downtime. “In short, the application of Dichtol will minimise costs and increase production profitability by extending the life and machinability of thermal coatings resulting in a significant increase in the lifetime of equipment and plants,” states Dr. Lourens.

The Diamant product range also includes coatings for protection against thermal, abrasive and chemical wear, which are leading causes of corrosion and metal fatigue. In addition to the foundry industry, other markets that will benefit from the cost saving advantages offered by Dichtol capillary sealer include the pulp & paper, printing & packaging, power generation as well as the pump and automotive industries.

Thermaspray established a strategic partnership with specialist polymeric metal systems supplier, Diamant Metallplastic GmbH, almost two years ago. “The Diamant range fits in very well with our current offerings of high technology,” concludes Dr. Lourens.

Thermaspray, in a joint venture with Cape Town-based Surcotec, offers an extensive portfolio of engineering and thermal spray coating solutions that extend component life cycles to assist OEM and end-user clients across southern Africa in reducing costs and increasing production. The companies’ world-class quality wear- and corrosion-resistant thermal spray coatings, Plasma Transferred Arc cladding and Polymer coatings (in partnership with Plasma Coatings USA and Diamant Metalplastic Germany) are augmented by a host of specialised allied services.