Engineering News got it wrong

16th December 2011

Editor In the November 25 edition, Engineering News states in the article titled ‘Incentivising Innovation’ that Department of Science and Technology (DST) chief director: science and technology investment Godfrey Mashamba “noted the DST had allocated a R4.2-billion budget for business support . . . in 2011, for example, infrastructure support, and this expenditure was directly attributable to research and development (R&D) in South Africa”.
The only time Mashamba mentioned infrastructure was in the context of the incentives provided by the Department of Trade and Industry to support businesses in setting up or expanding their operations, which include funding for infrastructure to support industrial development.
Similarly, the only time Mashamba spoke of R4-billion-odd was in relation to the amount of R&D expenditure that had been reported to the DST as eligible for its incentives for the period November 2006 to February 2010 (R4.7-billion).
Zama Mthethwa
Department of Science and Technology