Regenesys launches study now, pay later higher education initiative

29th July 2021 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Creamer Media Online Writer

Regenesys launches study now, pay later higher education initiative

Regenesys chairperson Dr Marko Saravanja

Regenesys Business School on July 28 launched its EdForAll initiative – a technology-driven online higher education initiative delivering internationally recognised degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes from R500 a month to financially disadvantaged students across the world.

The students pay the remaining fees once they gain employment or promotion after obtaining the qualification.

The business school says the initiative was made possible by a combination of education, technology, the Internet, financial engineering and philanthropy.

It offers programmes including Masters of Business Administration; Bachelor of Business Administration; Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management; Higher Certificate in Business Management; and digital programmes in the following areas: project management, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, coding, blockchain, machine learning, cybersecurity, design thinking, finance for non-financial managers and professional business writing skills.

Regenesys chairperson Dr Marko Saravanja says the school is committed to developing leaders capable of solving the current challenges that the world is facing, from unemployment to corruption, poverty and sustainable development.

“The root cause of all of the problems we are facing today lies in leadership. By developing more capable and conscious leaders, Regenesys will contribute towards creating a virtuous cycle of development and a positive ripple effect in companies, families, communities, countries and the world,” he states.

Regenenys Foundation head Indherani Reddy adds that the school’s mission is to create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy.

The school does not believe the cost of higher education should prevent anyone from achieving their dreams.

Regenesys is a global business school with campuses in Sandton, Lagos and Mumbai, with more than 200 000 students and alumni from 190 countries.

“There is no doubt that exclusion is a major issue in South Africa, 27 years into its democracy,” says University of the Free State chancellor Bonang Mohale, adding that this initiative brings with it an opportunity for equal access to education for previously disadvantaged individuals.