Recognition increases for improved packaging

19th October 2018

To increase brand recognition, bearings manufacturer Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) decided to improve its multi-unit package for transportation of ball bearings with an outer diameter of 180 mm.

HARP MD Natalia Akimenko states that the decision was taken to take care of its European customers and attract American, Southern Asian and African markets with its improved packaging of bearings.

Akimenko explains that the multi-unit package will comprise two variants in the form of boxes made of durable corrugate three-layer cardboard with a removable cover. She adds that, for individual packaging, each bearing will be packed in pressure-tight solder polyethylene film.

Safety of consumer properties and exploitation characteristics of bearing products, according to all existed national and international standards, is guaranteed with the improved packaging format, notes Akimenko.

The new design comprises the simple and modern design of the package which will identify the HARP brand easily, owing to recognisable brand colour and logotype, which is supplemented with the company slogan – “Proven solution for you”. Using ecological and moisture-resistant material will reliably protect the bearing during transportation and storage. The improved packaging includes complicated configuration of the cut-out, owing to the bottom, top and side pieces of the boxes having increased durability.

Akimenko states that, in the near future, all the packages will have an updated style, with the first bearings batch in the new package having been produced in August this year. She further states that it must be recalled that, in April this year, HARP extended the warranty period of the ball and roller bearings to two years.

She concludes that HARP is confident with its high-quality bearings together with the improved package to facilitate further successful and long-term cooperation with customers from different countries.