19th July 2021


South Africans are resilient, and have a history of standing together through the most unsettling of times.

During these periods of unprecedented riots and looting, on top of a global pandemic, we will witness the strength of our citizens in restoring our nation.

Jungheinrich Rentals:

As a proud company servicing the needs of all South Africans, Jungheinrich will join in the rebuilding of the Rainbow Nation through offering our services available to those in need. Jungheinrich's specialty is intralogistic solutions, and should any business require a forklift to rebuild their business, we are here for you.

Please contact us to receive a 50% discount off all our short term forklift rentals until October 2021.

Jungheinrich Services:

Jungheinrich also offer the best in customer services. In order for us to assist in ensuring your forklift trucks are operating optimally and at full capability during the rebuild, we are offering discounted rates on the following until end October 2021: