Real Economy Yearbook Supplement

9th November 2017 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Real Economy Yearbook Supplement

The Real Economy Yearbook is a mid-year print supplement, which provides detailed, research-based updates on key industrial and mining sectors of the South African economy.  The Real Economy Yearbook is widely distributed, including to the regular readers of Engineering News and Mining Weekly.

Advertisers can secure a corner position on the front cover page of the Real Economy Yearbook.  This front-cover corner can draw readers to specific news articles, or adverts that contain more detailed information about the advertiser’s product and service offerings.

Prominent advertising positions are available on the inside and back cover pages of the Real Economy Yearbook, as well as on the pre-index pages.

The index page lists the key sectors that are featured in the Real Economy Yearbook. The index page has a facing page which includes an editorial comment as well as a list of advertisers.

There is a dedicated contents page for both the industrial and mining sectors.  This contents page provides advertisers with prominent, high-impact positions on facing and adjacent pages.

Each sector profiled in the Real Economy Yearbook has a write-up. This provides an overview of key developments in the sector over the past 12 months, including policy developments, global and domestic challenges, prominent investment decisions and news about corporate activity. Prominent advertising positions are available under each sector heading. This allows advertisers to take up contextual marketing positions in sectors most relevant to their business activities.

Advertisers can place full page Company Profiles adverts in the various sections of the Real Economy Yearbook supplement. Company Profiles provide an overview of those sectors which are most relevant to advertisers’ business activities.  Company Profiles follow a set format including pictures, a brief write-up and an advert showcasing details about a company.

In addition to the main industrial and mining sectors, the Real Economy Yearbook also showcases important supplier sectors. These sectors play an important role in servicing South African industry and mining.  This provides a very important platform for companies to market directly to key business makers in industry and mining.

In addition to display adverts of various sizes and company profile pages, advertisers can secure logo sponsorships at the top of those pages in sectors targeted by the advertiser.

The Real Economy Yearbook also has a well-read, branded listings section. All advertisers qualify for a branded listing including logo and contact details and a brief write-up.  Listings are arranged alphabetically under the headings of the key industrial, mining and service sectors covered in the Real Economy Yearbook.

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