PVC manufacturer emphasises proper use of plastic

17th July 2020 By: Theresa Bhowan - journalist

PVC manufacturer emphasises proper use of plastic

CURIOUS COMPOUNDS The medical-grade compounds that the company produces are supplied to vendors in the healthcare industry and have been in constant supply

While the world is moving towards using less single use plastic, Durban-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound manufacturer Innovative PVC Compounds (IPC) CEO Mubeen Siddiqi says the world cannot function without certain types of plastic, and people rather need to be more responsible in using and disposing of different plastics.

“It is important to educate and inform the public, companies and ourselves about the different types of plastic, their longevity and the different ways in which to reuse and recycle them.”

He notes that recycling, and information regarding recycling, starts at home and is then expanded at schools and the workplace.

“Ensuring that plastic is separated from other waste at the source assists in the successful re-processing and recycling of all plastics, and in turn helps to keep the environment cleaner,” he points out.

IPC specialises in the manufacturing of flexible, rigid and semi-rigid PVC compounds that are used in safety equipment, electrical fittings and certain medical products, besides other products that are used in our daily lives.

“The medical-grade compounds that we produce are supplied to vendors in the healthcare industry. Such compounds have also been in constant and steady supply throughout the lockdown period,” notes Siddiqi.

Siddiqi adds that there has also been an increase in the hardware sector, with demand expected to continue, owing to the backlog that resulted during lockdown.

“IPC has been in business for ten years and over this decade, we have expanded in terms of team members and production capacity. The company meets industry demands locally and in sub-Saharan Africa. At IPC, we pride ourselves on our customer service and quality compounds that we produce, and we intend to maintain these standards through the years ahead,” he concludes.