Pumps pivotal in dewatering at power station

6th October 2023

Pumps pivotal in dewatering at power station

Faggiolati pumps from Integrated Pump Technology

Three 32 kW electrically driven two pole pumps are to be deployed in dewatering applications at a major Mpumalanga coal-fired power station.

The Faggiolati stainless steel submersible pumps are expected to handle dense slurry including coarse and abrasive particles at three different areas of the power station, all of which are noted to be extremely corrosive.

Integrated Pump Technology key accounts manager Justin Bawden says that the adaptability of the Faggiolati pumps allows the company to design units to suit specific application needs. This level of flexibility provides an added assurance that the pumps will meet the demanding operating parameters.

The company says that it secured the order for the pumps as a result of its reputation for understanding dewatering applications and its ability to select the correct materials of construction to meet an application's exact requirements.

Bawden notes that the high chrome content selected for the wear parts is an important factor which will contribute to reliable performance over an extended period even under these arduous conditions. “This strategic selection of materials of construction will likely extend the life of the wear parts, increasing the time between replacement which will, in turn, lower the total cost of ownership for the power station.”

The pumps are capable of dewatering at a flow rate of 186 m3 an hour at a shut off of 65 m head. The pumps are equipped with multi-channel stainless impellors, facilitating the movement of large volumes of slurry.

Bawden explains the benefits of the multi-channel open rotor, pointing out its high hydraulic efficiency and self-cleaning blade profile. A specially designed adjustable suction flange with grooves aids in the expulsion of solids and fibrous materials, adding another layer of efficiency and durability to these pumps.