Pump takes on heavy-duty drainage jobs

22nd November 2023

Pump takes on heavy-duty drainage jobs

The Grindex Magnum pump from Integrated Pump Technology

The construction, mining and quarrying sectors often require pumps for demanding applications in difficult environments and Integrated Pump Technology says the Grindex Magnum pump offers resilience and efficiency for such heavy duty drainage tasks.

The pump is available in three configurations, namely the Magnum L for low head applications, Magnum N for normal head applications, and Magnum H for high head applications.

Integrated Pump Technology is the Southern African distributor for the international pump brand and key account manager Justin Bawden says that despite its robust industrial strength, the Magnum pump is highly portable. “The ergonomic design of the pump facilitates easy and straightforward handling which aids ease of installation and movement from site to site.”

The pump’s hydraulic design provides high wear resistance while ensuring long-term performance.  A streamlined construction with fewer components also helps to simplify maintenance inspections and servicing.

The Magnum pump features an air valve specifically designed to prevent overheating by cooling the equipment during dry runs. This helps ensure prolonged pump life and uninterrupted performance, even under challenging conditions.