Pumps distributor sees increased demand for stainless steel pumps

22nd March 2019 By: Mc'Kyla Nortje - Journalist

Pumps distributor sees increased demand for stainless steel pumps

CORROSION RESISTANCE Faggiolati stainless steel pumps are popular because of the range's excellent corrosion resistance features

Since being appointed as sole distributor of Faggiolati submersible heavy-duty wastewater and industrial pumps in sub-Saharan Africa in 2016, pumps distributor Integrated Pump Technology has noted an increase in demand for these pumps.

Integrated Pump Technology MD Colin Adams says the stainless steel Faggiolati pumps are popular units boasting excellent corrosion-resistance features allowing for use in high-wear and highly corrosive environments.

He says the pumps can handle both low and high pH levels, allowing the range to operate in applications that vary from acidic to alkali conditions. Pumps made from other materials usually do not last as long in these environments and both wear components and pumps would need to be replaced more frequently, owing to the chemical erosion that takes place, he adds.

Using the pumps in the mine dewatering sector is also becoming more prevalent, as the water quality tends to be poor and the traditional cast iron or aluminium pumps do not last as long.

Moreover, Adams mentions that the pumps are also installed at cooling towers. In these applications, water temperatures can rise up to 70 ºC to 80 ºC, with pH levels dropping because of the fly ash, making the stainless steel pumps the best option to ensure longevity. The pumps are also suited to pumping seawater, as the sediments and floaters in the water tend to increase corrosion when using a traditional pump.

Integrated Pump Technology’s stainless steel pumps range between 1 kW and 80 kW units and all are ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-accredited.

Adams says Integrated Pump Technology prides itself on offering a complete package through its facility in Jet Park, Johannesburg, which not only carries a comprehensive parts stockholding and pumps but also operates a pump repair centre with a test bay capable of testing pumps up to 110 kW.

“Another positive for our customers is Integrated Pump Technology’s wide coverage through our Southern African distributor network with over 15 distributors in seven countries,” Adams concludes.