Pump accessories locally available

10th February 2024

Pump accessories locally available

Pumps and accessories supplied by IPR

Local pump supplier IPR also supplies specialised, fit-for-purpose accessories to ensure an effective dewatering solution.

IPR sales manager Steve du Toit says the company has an extensive stockholding of pump accessories, including lay-flat hoses, suction hoses, foot valves, high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, piping and hose flotation devices.

Du Toit adds that the accessories must all be sized and specified according to the demands of the selected pump and the duty that the application demands, noting that IPR offers a custom range of accessories to suit specific site conditions and technical infrastructure.

“Correct sizing of pipes – according to their internal diameter – is one of the essential starting points,” he says. “Lay-flat hoses can be used on the discharge end, while rigid pipes are necessary for the suction side.”

IPR also supplies flow meters which help achieve an accurate rate of water flow at the discharge point of the pump. This is vital information to demonstrate that the expected volumes of water are being removed for the customer’s purpose and may also be a water use licence requirement.

“There are also the electrical components to consider, so the pump control systems need to be designed to suit the pump and its application,” he says. “Measurement devices such as gauges on the suction port and delivery port are also important to monitor that the pump is operating at optimal efficiency.”

Du Toit points to the value of accessories such as dewatering bags to help manage environmental impacts. The porous bags catch and retain sediments and other material that could contaminate the natural environment. At the same time, they allow cleaner water to seep out, facilitating dewatering in a responsible manner.

“Among the most important accessories are the flotation devices for our hoses and pumps,” he says. “On diesel-driven self-priming units, for instance, we recommend that customers use suction hose floats to prevent the hose end from sucking in mud and stones – resulting in damage to the pump unit itself.”

A pump flotation device (PFD) is advised for use with submersible electric pumps to keep the pump just below the surface of the water, so that it does not become buried in mud or silt, which could undermine its performance and cause mechanical damage. A PFD also makes it easier to locate a pump and the floats indicate the position of the discharge piping and electrical cable.

The company also provides non-return valve which can be installed in a discharge pipe in close proximity to the pump. This helps prevent back-pressure caused by water in the pipe, can lead which to pump damage such as shaft breakage.