Company expands diesel supply to include buses

24th November 2017 By: Tasneem Bulbulia - Creamer Media Reporter

Company expands diesel supply to include buses

PARKING THE BUS Next Grace Investments’ depots enables buses and trucks to refuel and park at the facilities, while drivers have access to food and shower facilities

Wholesale price fuel supplier Next Grace Investments is providing valuable diesel supply solutions for clients in the bus and truck industry.

During the Gauteng Bus Indaba and Strategic Planning Workshop, held in September at the Nasrec Expo Centre, in Johannesburg, Next Grace Investments business development executive Tony Minyuku said the company’s initial focus, following its inception in 2015, was on supplying fuel at wholesale prices for trucks, but it had since been expanded to include buses.

This wholesale service supply entails analysing clients’ current costs of fuel, and formulating a plan that is convenient and cost effective.

Minyuku highlighted an example of such successful fuel supply to a client in Witbank, Mpumalanga. The client’s fleet of trucks averaged about 20 000 ℓ/m of diesel. However, Next Grace Investments’ offering, following negotiations and consultations, enabled the client to save about R1/ℓ. This subsequently equated to savings of about R20 000/m, and R240 000/y for the client.

Granting Fuel Access

Minyuku indicated that Next Grace Investments had established two fuel depots in Selby, Gauteng, and in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo.

These depots function as a joint refilling station and rest stop for trucks and buses travelling long distances. The vehicles can refuel on site, with drivers having access to food and showers. The company is considering the construction of accommodation, which will enable drivers to stay overnight, which will then become part of the offering.

Minyuku posited that Next Grace Investments’ fuel prices were the cheapest in the provinces where they operate, with the price of fuel about R12.40/ℓ for the Selby operation, and R12.80/ℓ for the Louis Trichardt operation at the time of his presentation at the Indaba.

The company is also building another depot in Rustenburg, in North West, which is expected to be operational in the near future. “Our aim is to have depots in all areas in which drivers may be travelling,” he said.

Further, Next Grace Investments provides access to a fuel network across the country, as it is part of a key fleet network in the country. “We are able to sign up truck and bus operators in the country, where fuel can be bought at wholesale prices, which is two cents less and equates to great savings.”

The depots in the fleet network were ideally located, with more than 70 fleet depots across the country, said Minyuku. Each vehicle in a client’s fleet is issued with a fleet card, allowing for access to the client’s entire fuel account, which is accessible at any depot in the country. “This is a great solution for bus or truck operators currently paying retail, where drivers need to pour while on the move.”

Moreover, clients have the option of monitoring their accounts through a smartphone application.

Depot Installations

Next Grace Investments provides a depot installation at their clients’ facilities on a lease basis, with the contract ranging from three to five years. The monthly price of diesel is agreed upon with the client, with the tank price factored into this. Minyuku explained that companies whose trucks and/or buses were parked in an area without tank facilities, could benefit from this offering.

Should a client be interested in a depot being installed, Next Grace Investments first assesses the feasibility of the project. This process entails, for example, ensuring that proper zoning has been done on the land and that security has been established – which the company can install, if necessary. The company then draws up plans for the depot and enters into a contract with the client, following which it installs the tanks, with clients able to manage their diesel operations using an option that suits them.

Minyuku indicated that, for clients wanting to sell the diesel they buy from Next Grace Investments to other businesses in the industry, the company could facilitate this through proper planning and consultation with the client.

Delivering Solutions

Next Grace Investments also caters to mobile fuel delivery, geared for clients with smaller fuel requirements.

This offering is beneficial, as drivers may, for example, not have had time to fill up prior to a trip because of loading times. In such instances, the client can contact Next Grace Investments and the company will deliver the required amount of fuel. Minyuku enthused that this delivery service was a free offering, as long as the driver drove within a specific radius of where the depot was based, as distances further than this would incur a delivery fee.