Pronounced growth for compressed air systems specialist

13th July 2018

Pronounced growth  for compressed air  systems specialist

RUGGED AND RELIABLE The ELGi range of compressors perfectly suited to African climates

South African turnkey air compressor services supplier Integrated Air Solutions has seen a notable increase in demand for highly customised compressors, adapted specifically to the customer’s individual need.

Air compressor manufacturer ELGi’s comprehensive compressor range available from Integrated Air Solutions meets these needs.

The ELGi range comprises both electric oil lubricated and oil free rotary screw machines, high-pressure diesel-driven as well as centrifugal and portable air compressors.

When Integrated Air Solutions secured the sole regional distribution rights for the globally renowned ELGi compressor brand in October 2016, it became apparent that the existing premises could no longer house the fast growing business and the company relocated to a larger facility in Boksburg, Gauteng.

“In order to maintain our relentless customer-centric approach and our reputation for exceptional service, we needed premises that would complement this premium world-renowned compressor brand,” explains Integrated Air Solutions CEO Graham Russell.

ELGi, a global leader in the design and manufacture of quality air compressors, has earned global acclaim for the design of innovative and technologically advanced air systems that contribute to productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

Tried and tested over two decades, the ELGi compressor range has shown itself to be suited to Southern Africa’s environment. As a testimony to ELGi’s ruggedness and serviceability, there are over 300 ELGi high-pressure diesel-driven compressors operating within the sub-Saharan region, the majority of which are operational in South Africa.

Key applications for ELGi’s high-pressure diesel-driven compressors include water well exploration, post hole, down-the-hole and auger drilling. ELGi’s electric compressor range is finding acceptance in the general industry and mining sectors.

Moreover, Russell mentions the new ground-breaking PG 1200-350 compressor from ELGi. “This compressor improves efficiency and productivity and reduces operating costs. These are critical factors in determining the sustainability of any business. The dual-pressure compressor enables the end-user to drill to deeper depths while using less fuel on average.”

With service quality deemed as important as product quality, Integrated Air Solutions offers a comprehensive service package to support its air compressor solutions. Alongside installation and commissioning, services extend to the testing of large electric machines, the rebuilding of air-end by specialised air-end technicians as well as air audit capabilities.