Products reduce construction time

14th February 2020 By: Mc'Kyla Nortje - Journalist

Products reduce construction time

Two products of construction connection technology supplier Peikko South Africa – the bolted column connections and Deltabeam slim floor structures – contributed to reducing overall construction time at a project of food manufacturer Continental Brands, in Johannesburg.

By using Deltabeam, the need for temporary support and scaffolding is dramatically reduced, which, in turn, reduces construction time significantly, compared with using conventional methods, highlights Peikko South Africa MD Daniel Petrov.

Bolted column connections are used to create strong connections between precast concrete columns and foundations or between columns. Temporary bracing is not required, as the connection between the column and foundation or another column is instant.

Bolted column connections are made with column shoes and anchor bolts. The ­column shoes are cast into precast concrete ­columns, while the anchor bolts are cast into the ­foundations or into another column to form a column splice.

Deltabeam slim floor structures consist of the frame, formed by Deltabeam and concrete columns. These are connected using standardised Peikko connections to other structural elements. Each beam fits to the columns by means of predesigned, standardised connections.

Peikko does the dimensioning and modelling of the connections and Deltabeam according to the project design specification, and can also work directly with architects or structural designers. This thorough process helps to identify conflicts early during the design stage to prevent costly on-site repairs and improve efficiency of construction works on site.

“If you prefabricate the structural elements to project design specifications prior to bringing it to the site, it will be easy to assemble on site. This makes the construction process faster and more efficient,” says Petrov.

The Deltabeam is designed to be used as a structural element with all general concrete slab types and is compatible with precast and cast-in-situ slabs, as well as any type of columns. They can be connected to concrete, steel or composite columns, which allows for using creative structures in large open spaces.

Shortening project duration is critical because it mitigates production pressures that the company has to deal with. This makes little disruption and a quick turnaround time important, says Petrov.

“This marks the first time that Deltabeam slim floor structures have been used in the South African market. Peikko is bringing smart innovative technology – such as the Deltabeam – that will disrupt traditional construction methods to South Africa.”

The project for the food manufacturer started last month and is expected to be completed in line with the project construction programme.

Petrov highlights that health and safety is an important factor when working in the food manufacturing industry: “The fact that the client recognised the benefits of using Deltabeam slim floor structures will provide them with a clean, uninterrupted factory area.”

Meanwhile, since setting up a branch in South Africa in 2018, Peikko’s previous projects include work for shopping centres Cedar Square and Columbine Square, both in Gauteng.

The company also played an integral role in the construction of Fourways Mall, and is currently involved in a project for King Edward School, also in Gauteng, where its reinforced anchor coupler system is being used to construct a new high-quality aquatics centre.

“It is a matter of implementing and accepting the benefits that these products have to offer.”

As a result, the company has decided to undertake various initiatives, such as workshops, technical seminars and face-to-face engagements, to engage with potential clients and provide further interaction with the marketplace.

“Towards the end of last year, the company hosted its first technical workshop. We are hoping to extend this, as it is well suited to organisations, such as the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, because of the nature of the products and solutions that Peikko provides.”