Company brings battery products to Africa

3rd November 2023 By: Trent Roebeck - Features Reporter

Company brings battery products to Africa

HINEN H6000E INVERTER Hinen produces an array of energy storage products like the H6000E

Following three successful exhibitions in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, energy storage and battery products producer Hinen has introduced its products to the African continent in 2023.

The Hinen Company was afforded the opportunity to raise brand awareness and generate interest among consumers, small businesses and other industry players. It showcased its latest products, including a backup power solution tailored for the African market, at the aforementioned exhibitions, earlier this year.

Hinen intends to contribute to the development of a greener and more sustainable future for Africa by providing consumers with access to affordable and reliable home energy systems, helping them overcome power constraints while reducing their reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Consumers are likely to benefit significantly from the Hinen TDB compact backup system, as this will allow for homes to be powered during loadshedding.

“The most popular product at the exhibitions was the Hinen TDB backup system. During an outage the system will automatically switch to a battery power supply, and when the grid power is on, the TDB will be charged for the next power outage,” states Hinen VP Billy Li.

Hinen also aims to work with the South African power grid authorities to establish a virtual power plant (VPP).

A VPP is a cloud-based power plant that bundles various capacities of distributed energy resources to enhance power generation, trade or sell in the electricity market, or allow for alternative options for load reduction. This will enable businesses to continue operations during an outage.

The VPP ties in with Hinen’s long-term plan to become an alternative to State-owned power utility Eskom, says Li.

“There are two plans – one is short term and one is long term. The short-term plan is to allow Hinen’s TDB system to power homes during loadshedding. The long-term plan is to set up the VPP as a ‘facsimile’ of Eskom, and make full use of the country’s favourable solar irradiance,” says Li.

Hinen also produces an all-in-one backup system with a power output of 3 000 W and 2.5 kWh. The system is tailored for most small shops and businesses, as well as for home use.

The Hinen Company remains committed to delivering dependable products and “exceptional service” to the African market. Li notes that Hinen maintains a “strong determination to become a trusted partner for African users” by continuously improving its offerings and addressing the evolving energy needs of the continent.

He adds that the company is cementing its footprint in South Africa, as well as in several other African countries, with partners throughout the continent.

All product offerings from Hinen – including energy storage battery products, lithium-ion battery cells and inverters – are manufactured by the Hinen Group.

The company’s mission is to become a trusted brand worldwide and it promises to give all its clients an “unmatched level of service” in addition to “world-class” energy products.