Press Offices

11th September 2017

Press Offices

Press Offices on Engineering News Online or can be seen as corporate microsites and offer companies the opportunity to consolidate a branded digital collection of all company editorial coverage, press releases and advertorials on Engineering News Online or Mining

Press Offices include the featuring of company names of all participating companies in the main navigation of the site.  Readers can access Press Offices either by clicking on a specific company’s name in the navigation or may choose to view all available Press Offices by clicking on the ‘All’ button on the navigation.

You will note that when one visits a company Press Office, the page opens up a new tab in the reader’s web browser – this unique link may be used by the company in their other marketing efforts or a link can be placed on the company’s corporate website.

The landing page of a Press Office offers a great marketing and branding opportunity as it includes prominent contact details, the company’s logo, social media links and a large image that can be updated by the company at any point in time. 

The landing page also lists the latest news articles on the company, while it also offers a listing of the latest articles on theEngineering News Online or site.  The page also holds two advert zones – a mega banner and island zones that can either link through to the company’s corporate site or a specific article within the Press Office.

The press office also includes a company profile on the company and a link to the official website of the company.

The Press Office package also includes exposure on the mobi site of either Engineering News or – thereby ensuring that the Press Office gets exposure to the full online readership of Engineering News and Mining Weekly.

To find out more about Press Offices or to secure your company's Press Office, please email or phone +27 11 622 3744