Luminaires designed for African temperatures

31st October 2014 By: Jonathan Rodin

Luminaires and glass-fibre-reinforced polyester manufacturer Beka Schréder launched its range of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products in September, which ensures the LEDs and their supporting electronics are, at African ambient temperatures of 35 °C, not exposed to high temperatures, which could shorten the lifetime of the LEDs.

Electronic temperature monitoring in these luminaires prevents overheating of the LEDs and power supply when exposed to higher ambient temperatures, explains Beka Schréder communications officer Nadja Smith.

The Beka Schréder LED luminaires are also supplied with an easily replaceable in-line surge protection to deal with unforeseen high-voltage spikes, she adds.

The locally designed and manufactured LEDlume-mini, which forms part of the current LEDlume range, has been developed for functional lighting of Group A4 and Group B roads, where energy saving, low maintenance and precise light control considerations are important factors.

The LEDlume-mini luminaire is designed to replace the conventional high-intensity- discharge (HID) streetlight luminaire (up to 70 W HPS and 125 W MV), with an energy saving of up to 70%, while also suitable for solar- powered applications.

The new Zela LED post-top luminaire, designed and manufactured in South Africa, provides a new contemporary design using LED technology.

The Zela is characterised by its distinct flat, conical diffuser, made possible by the use of LED technology.

Further, the fins add elegance by continuing the pole’s line flow. This versatile luminaire is suitable for Group B road lighting, general area lighting, parks and gardens, and security lighting, amongst other applications. It is designed to replace HID post-top luminaires (up to 100 W HPS and 125 W MV), with an energy saving of up to 70%, notes Smith.

Hestia LED
The new Hestia LED has been designed as an elegant and aesthetically pleasing LED luminaire to be used in various area lighting applications.

It offers an economical lighting solution based on state-of-the-art LED technology and is available in two sizes – mini and midi – with different power versions all characterised by low energy consumption for high-quality photometric performance.

LEDtec S
The LEDtec S is a newly developed LED low-bay luminaire engineered to replace HID low-bay luminaires. It is available in a surface - and recessed-mounting arrangement. This LED luminaire is perfect for installations such as workshops and fuel station canopies.

The OMNIstar is a high-powered LED luminaire engineered for maintenance-free installations.

It is currently available for up to 41 000 lm per unit and can be used in various applications. With a range of different lenses and reflectors, this luminaire could be used in high-bay, low-bay, floodlighting, area lighting and various indoor and outdoor sport applications.

It has been designed to replace conventional luminaires of up to 1000 W HPS, with energy savings of up to 60%.