Cold cutting machine minimises explosion risks

16th June 2017

Cold cutting machine minimises explosion risks

COLD CUT Cold cutting can be considered safer owing to a lower chance of explosions

Portable weld prep-machine tool manufacturer E.H. Wachs’ low clearance split frame (LCSF) operates on a cold cutting machining process, resulting in a safe and clean operation that minimises the risk of explosion.

E.H. Wachs’ LCSF is a versatile and comprehensive line of lightweight split frame, clamshell-style portable machine tools on the market. Designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tube ranging from 2" to 48" outside diameters (ODs) on most wall thickness and materials, the LCSF design is ideal where radial and axial clearances are restricted.

The full product range includes the new DynaPrep, which is part of a comprehensive line of split frame pipe cutters and bevellers.

The E.H. Wachs brand is a leader in the cold cutting machine tool technology, and proves to be a good choice where volatile hydrocarbons are concerned. The company says that externally mounted portable pipe cutting and bevelling systems also form a part of its machine line-up.

The full list of portable pipe cutting and bevelling machines comprise the 12 LCSF basic models that cover ODs from 2" to 48", a low clearance design that requires minimal space for setup and operation. The machines are designed to split open to mount around the OD of inline pipe and have fully enclosed bearing and drive gears for safety and durability. It points out that tool slides and accessories are interchangeable between many LCSF sizes.

Industrial product supplier Actum Group, distributor of E.H. Wachs equipment, offers direct rentals of these cutting and welding systems on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. From the smallest to largest products. The small diameter split frame, 0.5" to 6", the LCSF, 2" to 48" and the heavy-duty split frame 12" to 84" are available in South Africa.

Furthermore, the Actum Group has diversified to become an importer and distributor of components, instrumentation, automation and industrial products. The original business, Actum Electronics, has been operating since the 1970s and was originally an importer and distributor of electronic components.