Plastic trash creates 26 000 jobs

21st September 2012

The recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the plastic used to manufacture beverage bottles and food containers, has helped to generate 26 000 indirect jobs.

Petco CEO Cheri Scholtz said that Petco and its recycling initiatives had become a benchmark for extended producer responsibility because of its success in reducing the volume of post- consumer PET plastic in the waste stream.

Petco works with collectors, recyclers, converters and packaging designers to ensure the successful growth of the PET recycling industry and it is on course to achieve its target of recycling 50% of all beverage PET by 2015.

The initiative has been made possible by the voluntary financial support from Petco’s members who helped to launch a consumer engagement campaign.

“Coupled with thought- provoking headlines, com- pelling facts and figures, as well as photographs of PET bottles that show them as objects of value, Petco aims to change consumers’ atti- tudes and get them to recycle,” she said.

Extrupet COO Chandru Wadhwani said that it was challenging for bottle con- verters to meet customer demands of market-friendly packaging, while also meeting the demands of waste regulations.

The Coca-Cola Company has introduced 10-billion bottles in 20 countries through its first PlantBottle packaging technology and announced partnerships for commercialis- ing the first 100%-renewable PET plastic bottle.