Pindulo Logistics unveils strategic leadership appointment

11th April 2024

Pindulo Logistics unveils strategic leadership appointment

Tautinge (Tau) Matheus Festus

Logistics company Pindulo Logistics, a pioneer in redefining logistics through innovation and strategic leadership, proudly announces the appointment of Tautinge (Tau) Matheus Festus as Business Development Director. In this capacity, Festus will spearhead executive planning, supply chain operations, client and media relations, marketing campaigns, and overall business development strategies, driving significant growth and setting new benchmarks for Pindulo Logistics in Namibia.

Pindulo Logistics director Kevin Changoo shares his enthusiasm: “The inclusion of Tau in our team, as we commemorate our first year, is a landmark event. His strategic foresight and deep understanding of our industry’s nuances are precisely what we need to propel our expansion and operational excellence. Tau’s leadership will be crucial as we endeavour to extend our reach across sub-Saharan Africa.”

Visionary Leadership: A Catalyst for Growth and Innovation

Festus’s experience with Namport, particularly in enhancing the Port of Walvis Bay and Luderitz’s operational capacities, has equipped him with invaluable knowledge and strategic foresight. His efforts in expanding the ports’ capacities have been instrumental in positioning Namibia as a crucial logistics hub. Festus’s involvement in the strategic expansion of Namport’s services aligns perfectly with Pindulo Logistics’ blue ocean strategy to introduce new volumes to Namibia, thereby supporting Namport’s strategy for the growth of the bulk and break bulk sector.

Reflecting on his new role, Festus expresses his enthusiasm: “Joining Pindulo Logistics at this juncture is a tremendous opportunity to be part of an organisation that is not only poised for exponential growth but also committed to improving the efficiency and turnaround of Namibia’s ports.”

Showcasing Operational Excellence at Pindulo

At Pindulo Logistics, our commitment to innovation has led to significant advancements in operational efficiency and sustainability across the logistics sector, particularly through our vertically integrated services that span from pit to port. Central to this transformation is our patented bulk loading technology, which has redefined the norms for operational timelines and safety within the industry. This technology enables us to complete vessel loadings in just 27 hours, a marked improvement over the traditional open skip system. This equates to a more than 75% reduction in loading time, effectively quadrupling Namport’s loading capacity within the same timeframe. 

Festus elaborates on the impact of this innovation: “The advantages of our patented equipment are profound, spanning speed, environmental responsibility, safety and significant cost savings for our end customers. This revolutionary technology not only disrupts the status quo but also has the potential to significantly bolster Namibia’s economy. It was this pioneering spirit and the tangible value we add across the board that convinced me to become a part of Pindulo Logistics. I am thrilled to contribute to a company that is at the forefront of innovation and adds real value to our community and the economy.”

Forging Ahead with Leadership and Innovation

Pindulo Logistics is on a mission to revolutionise the logistics landscape through groundbreaking solutions and a commitment to excellence. Our strategic focus on leveraging Walvis Bay’s strategic location, combined with Festus’s leadership, positions us to significantly enhance our service offerings and operational capacity. As we align with Namport’s growth strategies and meet the dynamic demands of the logistics market, Pindulo is set to make substantial contributions to the sector and the broader economies of Namibia and sub-Saharan Africa.

As we continue to redefine industry benchmarks and deliver unparalleled value to our customers, Pindulo Logistics invites interested partners to join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. For those who share our vision of transforming the logistics landscape and are eager to explore collaborative opportunities, please reach out to us. Contact our business development team at

Together, let’s set new standards and build a future where operational excellence and sustainable practices lead the way in logistics.