Pindulo Logistics introduces a new GM in strategic move toward excellence

16th May 2024

Pindulo Logistics introduces a new GM in strategic move toward excellence

Armand Eksteen

Logistics company Pindulo Logistics, an industry leader in providing innovative logistics solutions across sub-Saharan Africa, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Armand Eksteen as the company’s new GM. With a rich background in logistics management and strategic operations, Eksteen joins Pindulo at a pivotal moment as it continues to expand its vision of making Namibia the gateway to sub-Saharan Africa. His academic prowess, highlighted by his ongoing MBA and a Master of Science in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, aligns with the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Pindulo Logistics Director Kevin Changoo expresses his enthusiasm about Eksteen’s appointment: “Armand Eksteen embodies the innovative spirit and strategic foresight that Pindulo stands for. His extensive experience and leadership in logistics are key to our ambitious strategy for Namibia. ‘Think Impossible, Think Pindulo’ is our promise to Namibia and beyond, and with Armand leading the way, we are set to fulfill this promise.”

Mission, Vision and Values

Pindulo Logistics is dedicated to revolutionising the logistics landscape through its mission to provide unparalleled logistics solutions that are efficient, sustainable and client-centric. The company’s vision is to position Namibia as the premier logistics gateway for sub-Saharan Africa, transforming it into a pivotal hub that drives economic growth and connectivity across the region. It is committed to redefining what is possible in logistics by leveraging strategic locations and adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Reflecting on his new position, Eksteen shares: “I’m excited to be part of Pindulo Logistics, a company at the forefront of logistics innovation. The opportunity to drive operational excellence and contribute to the economic development of Namibia through our cutting-edge technologies and efficient logistics solutions is what drew me to Pindulo. I look forward to leading the team as we continue to add substantial value and redefine industry benchmarks.”

Operational Excellence and Technological Advancement

Pindulo Logistics is not just changing the game; it is rewriting the rules with its groundbreaking patented bulk loading technology and a full spectrum of logistics services. From pit to port operations, seamless road transport, strategic border movement, to precision in warehouse management, its approach has dramatically transformed how quickly vessels are loaded. Gone are the days of 120-hour loading times. Pindulo has accelerated this process to an astonishing 27 hours, showcasing its dedication to unparalleled efficiency. This leap forward allows it to load four vessels in the time it traditionally took to load just one, embodying its commitment to pushing boundaries and elevating the standards of logistics excellence.

Its patented bulk loading system represents the pinnacle of Pindulo Logistics’ commitment to redefining the logistics landscape. Alongside its unparalleled speed, this system brings a host of benefits that firmly establish a new benchmark for excellence in the industry, including:

Join Our Vision

With Eksteen at the helm and his team’s unwavering commitment, Pindulo Logistics is poised for significant growth and continued innovation. Together, it will make the impossible possible, advancing its mission and bringing its vision for the logistics industry to life.

As Pindulo Logistics forges ahead with strategic leadership and pioneering technology, it welcomes partners and clients to join it in transforming the logistics sector. For collaboration opportunities, please contact the company at