Partnership to enhance local flooring industry

11th April 2014 By: Pimani Baloyi - Creamer Media Writer

Partnership to enhance local flooring industry

TILE AFRICA PROJECT It gets to 25 MPa and is ready for grinding within seven hours of laying

Three flooring solutions providers, namely concrete equipment manufacturer and supplier group of companies Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA), flooring concept solutions provider Rock Solid Flooring and international construction solutions provider TAL X-Calibur, have partnered to develop the X-Tech StoneFlow flooring concept.

The X-Tech StoneFlow is a concrete flooring solution that is laid on the floor surface and can be ground and polished to a deep shine within hours of it having been laid. The solution, comprising 25 kg coloured matrix and 10 kg coloured aggregate, is mixed with water to create a 13 mm to 20 mm flooring overlay.

Speaking to Engineering News, the consortium says they want to offer the South African consumer a flooring solution that can be accessed in one area while developing the country’s floor-solutions development capabilities.

“For the first time in South Africa, there is a partnership of companies that specialise in different aspects of flooring, which is focusing on providing the best flooring solution for the consumer. Traditionally, the flooring industry in the country is set up in such a way that, if someone knows something about flooring, a flooring business can be started, which often posed challenges pertaining to quality and services.

“Now, with the X-Tech StoneFlow, consumers will receive high-quality products and services from experienced flooring professionals,” says PMSA marketing and sales manager Quintin Booysen.

Further, the partnership will grow each company’s market reach and clientele base, TAL X-Calibur technical executive Obert Rutako says. He adds that the partnership creates a triangular referral system spread threefold wider that will benefit the partners and help the businesses reach into the market.

The partnership entails that HTC, through Superb Flooring Systems – which is locally marketed through PMSA – provides the specialist machinery used in the grinding and polishing process.

TAL-X Calibur manufactures the concrete flooring locally, using local materials.

“Competitors import similar products, which gives us a price advantage, as we do not ship concrete stones around the world and enable the creation of more job opportunities in the manufacturing of the product,” states Booysen.

Meanwhile, Rock Solid Flooring is responsible for the marketing and training of applicators that use the X-Tech StoneFlow solution. Rock Solid Flooring, using the HTC diamond cleaning twister system, also provides training on the cleaning and long-term maintenance of the floor.

X-Tech StoneFlow
The X-Tech StoneFlow is a high-performance, quick-setting specialised concrete flooring system that offers a deep, shiny finish. Booysen says the system can be laid to restore dilapidated floors; it can also be laid on the floors of newly built buildings.

“X-Tech StoneFlow is ready for grinding within seven hours, as it reaches 25 megapascals (MPa) within that period, compared with normal concrete solutions that have a waiting period of up to four weeks between laying and grinding,” Booysen notes.

Moreover, when installation is complete and the floor is ready, it is extremely hard wearing and it can reach 60 MPa in hardness. The X-Tech StoneFlow is available in nine colours that will act as a base matrix colour.

“Another advantage of the system is that it can be custom-made to suit any chain store’s look and feel throughout the country and customers can also mix different colours and come up with a unique look,” says Superb Flooring Systems technical sales representative Richard Hugh.

An X-Tech StoneFlow floor is easy to clean, as only water is required and an HTC StoneFlow chemical makes the floor stainless.

Hugh adds that the consortium completed the installation of X-Tech StoneFlow floors at Southern Sun Hotels’ Elangeni and Maharani hotels in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Further, Fulcrum Flooring – the contractor that is the X-Tech StoneFlow concept’s approved applicator – has installed the X-Tech StoneFlow floor at Tile Africa’s store in Silverton, Pretoria. Fulcrum Flooring on-site director Sydney Little says the flooring system is ideal for stores such as Tile Africa, as fork lifts can drive around without causing any damage to the floor.

Hugh concludes that there are plans to take the X-Tech StoneFlow to other Southern African countries, after sufficient presence has been established in the South African market. “Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia have shown interest in the system.”