Safety during wind turbine upgrades offered

25th September 2020

Safety during wind turbine upgrades offered

DANGLING IN THE WIND Dangle will offer rope access services to the upgrade and maintenance of UK's wind farms in partnership with Power Curve ApS

Specialist design and manufacturing company Power Curve ApS has forged a strategic partnership with working at height specialists Dangle Rope Access, to help deliver specialist installation services for wind turbine performance upgrades across the UK’s wind farm sector.

Announced in July, the partnership will combine Power Curve ApS wind turbine performance upgrade and testing services with Dangle’s range of flexible, high-quality and rapidly deployed access solutions.

Power Curve ApS has developed, designed and tested services delivered by qualified personnel, which include lifting solutions provider Liftra bringing the necessary experience as a leading service provider for the wind energy industry globally.

Additionally, plastic moulded wind turbine manufacturers SanderTech A/S (now SP Moulding) brings 80 years of experience within the plastics moulding industry, including subcontracting to major wind industry original-equipment manufacturers.

To ensure that the project builds on the latest know-how and research, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Wind Department) brought its world-leading work in the field of aerodynamics to the project.

Power Curve ApS and Dangle will now begin targeting sites of already installed wind infrastructure such as onshore wind farm locations across the UK.

Power Curve ApS is a leader in designing and building wind turbine blade upgrades that aim to increase performance and reduce drag through small changes.

This includes delivery on over 700 similar projects globally, and with Dangle onboard in the UK to support customer installations and client satisfaction, the company will continue its market domination.

“To be successful, our solutions must use the latest technical knowledge,” says Power Curve ApS sales director says director Jesper K Nielsen.

He adds that the company believes this leads to the highest returns for its customers and to more efficient green energy for society.

“It is important to us to be at the forefront of technological advances and innovation in the field of blade aerodynamics. We therefore see Dangle playing an important role in that mission,” he enthuses.

Dangle rope access MD Simon Dunn says the transition to further green energy is the most pressing demand his generation has had to face.

The European Union’s energy plan means it will be necessary to produce 265 GW of total wind power by 2030 and this partnership can help in doing its bit in making that happen, using technology that already exists today, he adds.

Dangle, through its rope access service, partners developers in the use of the latest science and modelling to increase annual energy performance by wind farm owners and operators across the UK.

The company can now deliver flexible on-site vortex generator installation, gurney flaps and other powerful aerodynamic upgrades to wind turbine blades.

Power Curve ApS is the only global supplier of vortex generators that have design capabilities to regain turbine production lost to blade surface roughness.