Monitoring system to provide real-time calculations

3rd June 2016

Monitoring system  to provide real-time calculations

MEETING YOUR MONITORING NEEDS Day reported that the DataStak has been engineered to fulfill monitoring requirements
Photo by: Duane Daws

Boiler and combustion equipment provider Nationwide Boiler president Larry Day announced the release earlier this year of its latest product to market: the DataStak.

According to Day, the DataStak is a cost-effective, packaged emissions and efficiency monitoring system with oxygen (O2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements, in addition to real-time boiler efficiency, fuel usage, and carbon footprint calculation.

He stated that the unit is an alternative for large, intricate continuous emissions monitoring systems offering similar functionality and abilities at a fraction of the cost, said Day, adding that the system uses two separate panels: an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix programmable logic controller with touch screen operation and a high-quality electrochemical analyser system.

Day explained that the unit works independently from existing boiler controls as it is a standalone product and can be retrofitted to any boiler system.

Commenting on the capabilities of the new product, Day reported that the DataStak has been engineered to fulfil monitoring requirements in certain air districts in California, including the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), in the US.

Owing to this, he said that the system would meet most of the SSP-1105 emissions monitoring for rules 4305, 4306 for the SJVAPCD and the ASTM D652200 standard for the SCAQMD.

Day advised that the operator interface panel is built to National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4 and UL508 standards, and the emissions monitoring equipment is built to International Organisation for Standardisation standards.

“In today’s marketplace, energy and facility engineers need to have real-time NOx and CO calculations at their fingertips, and they need to also know the efficiency, fuel use and the calculated carbon footprint of their boilers,” explained Day.

“This data needs to be easily available for air quality management district reporting purposes.”

Day boasted that the DataStak is more than just a combustion or NOx analyser and the fact that it provides the carbon footprint, boiler efficiency and CO2 data separates the system from what is currently on the market. “We developed this product with the end-user in mind and a goal of making their job easier.”

He explained that Nationwide Boiler debuted the DataStak at the California League of Food Processor’s Expo in Sacramento, California, in February, and believes that the company will provide its first unit to a new manufacturing facility located in Newark, California, for a 475 hp firetube boiler.

Day emphasised that, for nearly 50 years, Nationwide Boiler has provided superior solutions to meet the temporary and permanent boiler system needs of every industry.

Speaking on the company’s progress, he said that Nationwide Boiler continued to provide innovative products and led the nation with the most successful 5 ppm NOx retrofit/installations for packaged boilers with the exclusive CataStak SCR system.

Nationwide Boiler’s sales director William Testa stated that the company has also recently solidified a representative agreement with JWM & Affiliates, located in Oceanside, California. He continues to state that the agreement grants JWM & Affiliates the right to solicit sales of Nationwide’s ultralow NOx CataStak selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, EconoStak economisers, and other related environmental control technology products for the petrochemicals and petroleum refining industries in California, Oregon and Washington, in the US.

Testa reported that “this new alliance between Nationwide Environmental Solutions and the petrochemicals service provider JWM & Affiliates will be mutually beneficial to both companies. JWM & Affiliates has an outstanding relationship with many prominent refineries and chemicals companies on the West Coast, and Nationwide has the product line to supply these customers with proven emissions reduction solutions required for compliance with new and existing, stringent guidelines for control of NOx and other greenhouse-gas emissions.”

In conclusion, Testa says JWM & Affiliates has served the industry for over 35 years. The company specialises in servicing the petrochemicals, refining, processing, chemicals, pipeline, and other related industries, and provides superior project support throughout the bidding, engineering, fabrication and delivery phases.