Out-the-box software solution for hydrostatic transmissions

11th April 2023

Out-the-box software solution for hydrostatic transmissions

Danfoss Power Solutions’ propel solution can be mounted inside an engine compartment

Global supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics and electric powertrain systems Danfoss Power Solutions has launched its PC-GO propel solution for hydrostatic transmissions with one pump and one motor.

Comprising the new PC036 safety controller and PC-GO propel software, the ready-to-use platform is said to cut propel subsystem development time by up to 35% while simplifying compliance with environment and safety regulations. The software is suited for a variety of applications, including wheel loaders, telehandlers, dump trucks, street sweepers and forestry equipment.

PC-GO is a fully developed propel system software solution that’s configurable using the Danfoss PLUS+1 service tool for quick and simple customisation. Housed on the PC036 controller, the system is designed to work with Danfoss hydrostatic pumps and motors, offering seamless integration of the entire propel system. This results in short and focused development cycles with fast machine startup.

“PC-GO’s validated software package and preconfigured parameters enable machine startup in less than three days. Comparatively speaking, it could easily take two years to write a program like this from scratch,” said Danfoss Power Solutions product application engineer Aaron Rodriguez.

The software offers multiple adjustable drive modes, including an ECO mode feature that maintains the desired vehicle speed in transport mode while reducing engine speed. This reduces idle losses of the work function hydraulics, lowering fuel consumption and noise, and can allow for engine downsizing.

PC-GO offers built-in protections such as engine overspeed protection, pump and motor overspeed protections, mode-dependent speed limitation, cold start protection, and temperature protection. In addition, the software includes pressure limiting, cruise control, and anti-stall, as well as error monitoring.

With its PC036 safety controller, PC-GO is a PLd SIL 2 functional safety compliant system. It features fully integrated safety functions and has been tested, validated and documented for compliance with international safety regulations such as Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, says Danfoss Power Solutions.

The PC036 controller’s robust housing is designed for reliable performance in harsh environments. It can be mounted inside the engine compartment or elsewhere on the vehicle, providing greater installation flexibility.