Open day highlights new offerings from Upat

15th February 2019

Open day highlights new offerings from Upat

MEASURING UP The new Stabila app makes measuring information quicker to archive and easier to access

Last month, construction material and fastener distributor Upat hosted an open day at its head office in New Doornfontein, Gauteng, where customers were given a foretaste of the latest innovations to be introduced locally this year.

Upat provides solutions for construction, general industry, mining and DIY applications and are the agents for measuring tool supplier Stabila, powertool manufacturer Milwaukee, and fischer fixings in Southern Africa. The core aim of the business is to help the construction and alli

ed trades ‘build the bigger picture’.

“Upat prides itself on providing high-quality tools and products for every stage of a building project, thereby increasing productivity by acting as a single point of contact in terms of service support and technical back-up,” comments Upat MD Richard Kuhlmann.

Upat national Stabila product specialist Charl Weber highlighted the Stabila measuring app, which allows construction industry professionals to use their smartphones for quick and easy documentation and processing of measurements. The app is compatible with Stabila’s LD 520 and LD 250 BT laser distance measurers, using integrated bluetooth smart technology.

New products from fischer showcased by Upat technical manager Kevin Owen included the fischer Ultracut concrete screw, which offers higher load and shear values. All screw sizes can be installed to three different embedment depths for flexibility in application and attachment thickness.

The latest fischer FLS channel system is ideal for light applications for mechanical engineering or ‘wet’ services, from suspending cable trays to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, plumbing and sprinkler-system piping. Available in three different sizes, 17 mm, 30 mm and 37 mm, the system comes in 3-m-long lengths as opposed to the traditional 5 m. In addition to the low weight, this makes it easily transportable to site.

A highlight of the day was a demonstration of the DuoPower nylon plug, the most technically advanced anchoring system from fischer to date. Upat technical sales director Kerry Kuhlmann put the high load strength of the latest technology to the test when he was suspended from the ceiling solely by means of the 8 mm DuoPower plug.

The plug has a red plug tip for safe fixing in solid building material, with expansion wings for bracing, and a grey plug base for folding in cavities. The plug’s multifunctionality extends its application range even further, meaning that materials with top loads can also be accommodated.

The greater dimensional suitability of material in the plug translates into a greater extrusion force for ultimate performance. The combination of both a hard and soft component allows for optimal push-in and tightening torque for the best installation feedback.

Product specialist Werner Koch discussed an array of product launches on the cards for Milwaukee, including a hedge trimmer and work-support lights. Customers were also introduced to the ONE-KEY app.

This is a digital platform for tools and equipment that allows users to customise, track, and manage their power tools. The added benefit is that ONE-KEY allows for a tool to be set up for specific applications. The app, a free-to-use inventory management program, is available for download for iOS and Android devices.

Apart from in-depth product presentations, customers were also afforded the opportunity to see the Upat stable of premium brands up close, and to interact with the product managers, the tools and equipment.

It is important for Upat to educate customers about the full advantages of the premium brands Upat distributes, as well as the fact that all these brands enhance each other in the form of a complete solution.