Online programme ensures optimum pump selection

22nd November 2023

Online programme ensures optimum pump selection

Atlas Copco pumps available from IPR

An online pump selection programme designed to assess user requirements, perform hydraulic calculations, analyse performance and offer recommendations, aims to help users select the most appropriate pump for specific needs.

The Atlas Copco pump selection programme, available to IPR customers on the company’s website, aims to provide a streamlined approach to pump selection, saving time, costs and effort. IPR is a specialised dewatering and dredging pump specialist and is the master distributor for Atlas Copco pumps in Southern Africa. IPR business development manager Ruaan Venter highlights the advantages of the programme.

One of the key advantages is the programme's ability to provide accurate pump selection. By inputting relevant parameters such as flow rate, pressure requirements, fluid type, and site conditions, the programme can recommend the most suitable pump model.

Time and cost savings are another benefit of the pump selection programme. “Instead of manually researching and comparing various pump models, customers can rely on the programme's recommendations,” Venter says. “This streamlines the selection process enabling faster decision-making. Additionally, selecting the appropriate pump from the start, irrespective of the application, avoids costly mistakes such as equipment failure or excessive energy consumption.”

The programme considers variables such as duty cycle, system pressure and hydraulic losses to optimise the pump's efficiency. Venter explains that by operating at its highest efficiency point, the pump can achieve energy savings and improved overall performance, resulting in lower operating costs and increased productivity.

Customers can access detailed specifications, performance curves, power requirements, dimensions and other relevant data for each recommended Atlas Copco pump model, allowing users to make informed decisions based on specific requirements.

IPR customers using the Atlas Copco pump selection programme have access to technical support from the company’s pump experts. The programme is designed to be simple to use, enabling users to provide specific parameters including flow rate, pressure or head requirements, fluid properties and site conditions. The information is used to perform hydraulic calculations which consider factors such as friction losses, elevation changes, system restrictions and fluid properties to determine the required pump performance.

Using the hydraulic calculations, the programme matches the user's requirements with the available pump models in the Atlas Copco range. Factors such as pump type, size, efficiency curves and technical specifications are used to identify the most suitable options. Performance analysis of the selected pump models is then provided. The programme generates performance curves, offering insights into the pump's efficiency, head-flow characteristics, power consumption and other performance indicators.

Venter says that users can compare multiple pump models side by side using the programme. “This feature allows them to assess performance, efficiency, dimensions and other key characteristics, all aiding in facilitating an informed decision.”

Depending on the application, the programme factors in material compatibility, environmental regulations, noise levels and other site-specific requirements to ensure the selected pump is suitable for the given conditions.