OLI South Africa

4th October 2019

OLI South Africa

OLI is the world leader in industrial vibration technology. Making business simpler for customers while going global with a first-class product has made OLI the top selling electric external motovibrator company. 

Excellent customer service is of pivotal importance at OLI. As a global player in industrial vibration technology, it is OLI’s goal to provide exceptional value to its customers, with its high- quality products and services. The OLI product is distributed in Southern Africa by its subsidiary based in Gauteng, South Africa.

OLI’s primary objective is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers, who are key influencers in shaping the company’s business model. Meeting the customers’ needs is a priority, achieving a partnership of trust is the reward. OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve and its central business strategy is rapid stock delivery, any time, any place in the world. 

From plant to road, OLI is the first choice for solutions to any material flow problems – whether a customer requires a hydraulic motovibrator to ensure proper material spread in an asphalt bin on a paver, a pneumatic hammer, or a 12/24 V vibrator to ensure that asphalt does not stick to the truck bin and that material flows smoothly into the paver with minimal segregation. 

OLI has the technology to provide a wide variety of products and services – whether a customer requires an electric vibrator for cold feed bins, a vibrator on separating screens, an aeration or vibration solution on a baghouse or additive silos. 

“WHEN YOU NEED IT, WHERE YOU NEED IT” is the pledge that gives OLI the edge over its competitors.