OLI South Africa

11th May 2018

OLI South Africa

As the world’s top-selling electric and pneumatic vibrator manufacturer, OLI guarantees a high level of customer service through its 19 OLI trading subsidiaries, 36 warehouses and five manufacturing plants worldwide.

OLI vibrator motors are distributed in South Africa by the company’s local subsidiary situated in Jet Park, Gauteng.

The South African climate demands high-quality products and equipment that can withstand its harsh operating environment, therefore, OLI has the product quality for every application.

Equipment failures, owing to inadequate corrosion protection, have been reported in many plant areas, with stress corrosion in particular, having been found in steels used in separation areas. Solving such electric vibrator motor problems, OLI vibrator motors are IP 66-rated – dust tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

“Our competitive pricing, high quality and ex-stock availability combined with performance and reliability make us the preferred choice,” says OLI.  A strong believer in innovation, the company is constantly striving to be ahead of industry demands and is focused on achieving and exceeding its motto of “when you need it, where you need it”.
OLI specialists are on hand to assist and find suitable solutions to meet customer needs and can assist in sizing, optimisation and fault analysis.

The OLI range includes electric motor vibrators in foot- and flange-mount configuration for horizontal and decline vibrating equipment applications.  Motors are available ex-stock from as small as 6 kg of force up to 30 000 kg of force in two-, four-, six- and eight-pole, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V direct current, 230 V one-phase and three-phase, and 380 V and 525 V three-phase versions. “We also offer a full range of pneumatic rotary vibrators, pneumatic linear impact vibrators and aeration products to solve any product followability problems in hoppers and chutes.”