New machine aids component manufacture

1st December 2023 By: Trent Roebeck - Features Reporter

New machine aids component manufacture

ENDUROMAX MAXJET'S EnduroMAX water-jet cutting machine with tilt function in action

Having accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the local manufacturing industry, specialised manufacturer and materials processing company MAXJET has commissioned the EnduroMAX – a waterjet cutting machine – at its facility in Wadeville, Germiston.

The machine – which is equipped with ‘tilt’ functionality – will process raw materials to cater to the increasing industry demand.

This allows the company to uphold its mission to incorporate “high-quality” design elements for the processing of thick, raw materials such as aluminium, copper, high-density polyethylene, lead, mild steel, stainless steel and titanium.

MAXJET director Preeshan Naidoo tells Engineering News that the tilt functionality can assist clients in industries that use vessels and heat exchangers by precisely processing baffle and tube plates with a thickness of 50 mm at a high speed.

The company also deploys its computerised numerical control (CNC) waterjet cutting machine for processing the holes in these plates using its in-house digital format.

CNC waterjet cutting is a nonthermal process for cutting materials, which uses abrasive garnet sand and water. The process does not leave any slag or distortion and provides a “satin finish” for surfaces.

“Our new EnduroMAX machine allows us to process thicker materials faster. Our tilt technology allows us to add or remove taper while processing. This is a key aspect, especially for heat exchangers, as they require numerous holes for pipe fixing, and creates a chamber for the thermal transfer in the heat exchangers,” explains Naidoo.

The company deploys a design team to the customer’s site to create digital drawings, and identify the raw materials the customer requires, and then sources and supplies these processed raw materials to the customer.

MAXJET maintains its position as a trusted service provider to the manufacturing industry in South Africa through its service offerings that include draughting and design, CNC waterjet cutting and profiling, as well as materials supply and processing.

The company also services industries such as the aerospace, agricultural, architectural, automotive, engineering, mining, petrochemicals, power generation and signage sectors.

“MAXJET remains optimistic about manufacturing in South Africa and proving our commitment to clients. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, among other pivotal areas,” Naidoo concludes.