New valves for water and mining sectors

7th May 2021

New valves for water and mining sectors

The TECWAT double-eccentric, flanged butterfly valve with dry shaft from TECOFI

French company TECOFI has introduced two new valves for the water market as well as an adapted solution for the transport of abrasive fluids in the mining industry.

Double-eccentric butterfly valve

Manfactured from ductile iron GGG50 with 420 stainless steel dry shaft, the TECWAT dry shaft valve is designed to be robust and is equipped with a hand wheel-operated mechanical gearbox with an IP67 protection rating. The mechanical gearbox includes an open-closed position indicator and an ISO5210 baseplate, allowing for the mounting of an electric actuator.

The range is used in fluid transfer circuits in water networks, pumping stations, dams, production factories and industrial sites. The valves conform to WRAS and ACS drinking water certifications. The backlash-free design, linked to the disc, protects the rotating parts from contact with the fluid and includes aluminium-bronze lining and o-ring seals. Its seat and bolts are manufactured in 304 stainless steel, giving it additional resistance to corrosion and low surface roughness.

The EPDM seat seal is designed to stay in place, with a 304 stainless steel collar that can be tightened, allowing it to be compressed and changed without dismounting the disc. The valve is designed to ensure bidirectional water tightness and a longer lifespan. It has an oven-baked powder epoxy coating, RAL 5015 with a 250 μm minimum thickness and is produced according to EN1074-1 and EN1074-2 standards. The dry shaft valve is designed to ensure low head loss and an increased resistance at high pressures. The company asserts that its valve guarantees good stability on its support bases and secure mounting owing to its lifting eyes. In addition, the inclusion of self-lubricating bearings reduces maintenance requirements.

Quick closing non-return check valve

The TECOFI quick closing non-return check valve is certified ACS for drinking water. Designed as a robust and resistant check valve, it is manufactured from ductile iron GGG40 with a 302 stainless steel spring that operates in all installation positions. Equipped with a polyurethane obturator, it is designed to absorb shocks as a result of its elasticity and quick closing feature.

The anti-water hammer reservoir aims to protect installations from back wash. The company asserts that its valve’s reduced size, reliable and silent operation and excellent water tightness makes it the perfect solution for water installations. It is recommended for pumping stations and can be used in water distribution, irrigation or supply networks in water treatment plants. In addition, the valve’s dynamic response is said to minimise water hammer, particularly when pumps stop during transitional periods. It is ergonomically designed with fewer components and its short face-to-face, lightweight obturator helps to lessen its support constraints, reducing the installation’s straight inlet and reducing the need for maintenance.

The pinch knife gate valve

TECOFI has developed a pinch knife gate valve, designed for use in extreme conditions. The VGP is a bidirectional knife gate valve, open or closed, wafer type, designed to be mounted between ISO PN10 flanges. It is made up of a one-piece body manufactured in ductile iron GGG50 and coated in oven-baked epoxy paint, designed to offer good resistance to warping, leak, and corrosion.

The stainless steel AISI 410 stem reduces the risk of oxidation, leading to a high resistance during operation and longer service life. Its seat is said to have excellent resistance, made up of two natural rubber sleeves that meet when fully open, allowing for installation between flanges without an additional gasket. It is resistant to abrasions and ensures a bidirectional seal without retention in the lower zone, allowing full passage of the fluid such as aggregate, charged water 20% to 30%, dry fluids and liquids.

The VGP includes a stainless steel 304 through-type gate, polished on both sides to optimally cut fluid. The gate rises into the PTFE-lined packing gland that is designed to limit exterior leaks and ensure proper functioning. The rubber sleeves and PTFE packing are replaceable and the inspection hatch on the lower part of the body includes a drain plug, facilitating ease of maintenance.