Bunkers improve product quality

21st April 2017

Dutch axial control valve manufacturers Mokveld Valves BV has recently commissioned two new test bunkers for testing critical, high-quality valve systems – used in process control applications for the oil and gas industries – thereby improving the quality and safety of the system.

Mokveld products are distributed locally by industrial product supplier Energas Technologies, which provides expert knowledge and advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications.

Energas Technologies explains that it has recently observed increasing customer demand for products and solutions with enhanced quality and safety characteristics. As part of its efforts to meet these demands, Mokveld has designed and engineered two new test bunkers that reportedly boast specifications that are unmatched in the industry.

The test bunkers have been engineered to the company’s exacting standard, in line with the industry’s demands for specific tests, such as fugitive emissions, performance testing in accordance with American Petroleum Institutes valves specification and type approval testing. These tests will be conducted using Mokveld’s large dimension, high pressure valves that offer extreme specifications that are not available in standard testing equipment.

By commissioning the test bunkers, Mokveld has placed itself on the forefront of what is possible in terms of both pressure and temperature testing of valve systems. “A great advantage of having these facilities in-house is that we no longer need to involve third parties in our workflow,” says Mokveld marketing and communication manager Chris van Assem. “We can now control the process from the beginning to the end and customers and inspectors can even watch the entire process in one visit.”

The bunkers allow pressure testing with nitrogen and helium up to 1 200 bar and temperature testing is possible within a range of –196 ºC to 200 ºC. Further, all tests carried out will conform to standard procedures and will be logged and documented in a complete digital workflow reducing, for example, quality, health, safety and environment risks.

The bunkers are fully automatically controlled and meet the latest safety requirements and, after completion, Mokveld intends to further expand its testing facilities with the construction of two more test bunkers which will be used for smaller valve sizes, offering even more flexibility in testing and expedited delivery.

“Mokveld is a world-renowned leader in valve systems for critical control and safety applications and works tirelessly to keep growing this legacy. Commissioning two new high-quality test bunkers goes a long way in solidifying not only our offering to the market, but shows that we listen to our customers and adapt to their ever-changing needs. The high-quality of Mokveld products demands high-quality testing equipment, and we have delivered,” Van Assem concludes.