New tool ensures accuracy for transition flow of gas

2nd February 2018

Industrial automation multinational Endress+Hauser’s new integrated pressure measurement tool, the Prowirl F/R/O 200 (Prowirl) is able to record energy and mass flows with maximum accuracy for transition flow of gases or liquids up to Re ≤ 10 000.

The Prowirl is a central measuring point for industrial steam and gas applications in pipes up to diameter nominal (DN) 300 mm and was made available from last month.

The company highlights that, in its test measurements on the Prowirl, the results showed that the tool has among the best linearity in the market.

“Thanks to its robust design, the Prowirl reduces installation and operating costs and significantly increases plant availability. The tool has been steadily improved for decades after its introduction to the market in the twentieth century,” it explains.

The company highlights that the Prowirl has a multivariable vortex flowmeter for transparency, which allows for simultaneous measurement of mass flow, corrected volume, energy flow, temperature, pressure and steam quality. The Prowirl also has efficient steam plant operation, owing to global unique wet steam detection/measurement.

“The Prowirl can be used anywhere, with flexible alignment of the pressure measuring unit depending on installation position and space. The industrial grade pressure signal transmission is in accordance with international standards authority 2186,” it says.

Further, the company adds that the Prowirl allows for increased plant availability through long-term stable, robust sensors, which provide consistent measuring accuracy up to Re ≤ 10 000 and unique linearity. The Prowirl tool also has high resistance to vibration, temperature shocks and water hammer.

“In the process industry, the pressure and temperature of steam or gases are often not constant. If such effects are not compensated, this leads to massive measurement errors and thus to energy and financial losses. With the built-in – optional – pressure and temperature measurement, the Prowirl tool ensures the highest accuracy for determining the steam density and the energy content,” Endress+Hauser explains.

It highlights that the costly installation of four separate devices to measure flow, pressure, temperature and flow calculation is not required when a Prowirl tool is used. Steam is used in large quantities in many applications like heating, cleaning or energy supply. However, heat transfer is only energetically efficient with saturated steam.

Owing to faults in boiler systems or existing condensate, ‘wet steam’ often occurs in pipes with serious consequences. The company explains that poor energy transfer, dangerous water hammers or harsh corrosion, owing to dissolved salts can cause ‘wet steam’. The Prowirl is capable of continuously monitoring the quality and quantity of steam.

“The Prowirl, as an innovative two-wire measuring device, is based on a uniform device concept that significantly reduces the complexity for the user. The new concept standardises operation, menu structures, function designations, software, interfaces, data management, system integration, error display, documentation, through to product structure,” the company explains.

The innovations create long-term economic benefits for Endress+Hauser’s customers throughout the entire life cycle of a plant. The company points out that the Prowirl is one of the most robust vortex flowmeters available on the market. The capacitive DSC sensor ensures precise readings with the highest linearity even under the hardest process conditions.

The company further adds that, owing to its balancing, the DSC sensor is insensitive to system vibrations, temperature shocks as well as water hammer and condensation-induced water hammers.