New temperature controller launched

25th April 2014 By: Jonathan Rodin

New temperature controller launched

STAYING FRESH The E5C temperature controller is suitable for target markets such as food and beverage packaging, which includes sealing bars for form, fill and seal machines

Electronics company Omron launched its new E5C temperature controller onto the South African market last year, says Omron sales manager Alistair Kay.

The temperature controller, which was designed in Japan and is manufactured in China, includes Omron’s proportional- integral-derivative control, a 50 ms sampling period with the ability to handle multifunctional input and output types. The E5C also achieves fast and precise temperature regulation.

The controller has a mounting depth of 60 mm and universal temperature/process inputs such as a thermocouple, platinum resistance temperature detectors, current and voltage.

Further, universal serial bus, or USB, in-office features decrease work hours at installations.

The E5C temperature controller is suitable for target markets such as food and beverage packaging and includes sealing bars for form, fill and seal machines; the pharmaceuticals industry, for tamper-evident seal shrink-wrapping; food processing for fryer, mixer and oven temperature controls; packaging machines, including heat sealing; heat tunnel control; and plastic injection moulding, explains Kay.

Compared with its predecessor, the E5C includes a high-contrast and a white liquid- crystal display that is visible from great distances and from any angle. “This not only increases convenience for users but virtually also eliminates the risk of reading errors,” he adds.

Further, the controller operates intuitively through Omron’s CX-Thermo automation software, which enables fast parameter setup, easy device adjustment and simpler maintenance. It also shortens the time and effort needed to set and manage temperature- control parameters.

Kay explains that it is a challenge for the company to change the mindset of the market, as many companies are set in their ways. However, he is positive that the new features of the temperature controller will be able to break ground that was previously unachievable.