Pneumatic positioner lengthens service life

26th November 2021

Pneumatic positioner lengthens service life

LONGEVITY CMSH pneumatic positioner from Festo boosts performance and lengthens service life

The latest CMSH pneumatic positioner from automation technology company Festo boosts performance and lengthens service life.

The easy-to-use positioner is also part of the latest Festo ‘heart of absolute automation’ campaign. Through this, Festo demonstrates how its products keep machines running in the same way that the heart keeps the body going.

The product’s combination of high-flow capacity and low consumption makes it an ideal choice for numerous process automation applications.

The number of control applications in the process industry is steadily growing, which demands high-performance positioners for process valves. Extensive diagnostic options, such as a pressure-assisted partial stroke test, are vital for reliable operation. The new CMSH positioner from Festo for single-acting and double-acting actuators is a highly dynamic, low-wear positioning system for linear and rotary movements. Its two-wire technology supports highway addressable remote transducer (HART) communication and condition monitoring functions.

The positioner is suitable for a broad range of applications for large and small actuators, thanks to its high airflow rate. It is characterised by low internal air consumption, which makes it energy efficient. The safety functions on the CMSH are already integrated, resulting in cost savings of up to 30%. It offers extensive functions for self-monitoring and diagnostics with clear recommendations for action. This includes numerous standard diagnostic options such as position monitoring and counters for control interventions and positioner changes.

Integrated pressure sensors also enable intelligent diagnostic functions such as continuous monitoring of the break-away pressure of a process valve. The positioner can be used at ambient temperatures from –40 ºC to 80 ºC. This makes it the perfect positioning system for applications in the chemicals industry, in mining and mineral processing, as well as in the fields of energy, biotech, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water and bulk goods.

The positioner CMSH is easy to operate thanks to its large and rotatable plain-text display that can be read from various directions. The setup wizard makes it easy to commission. As part of this process, a fast or robust control mode can be selected. The device condition can be read off directly on the local display based on status feedback.

There are two ways in which it can be installed directly on the actuator. The first way is the classic installation using a mounting adapter to VDE/VDI 3845-1 with external piping. It can also be installed easily and securely with integrated air routing to VDE/VDI 3847-2 either using the connection block DADG-FM-F9 or the pneumatic adapter of the VTOP – the pneumatic extension modules from Festo for easy and flexible integration of additional functions.

The integrated air routing eliminates the need for external piping. This reduces susceptibility to leakages to a minimum. These variants also offer the possibility of attaching additional instruments like a pilot valve, volume booster or filter regulator.

For the first time, control and safety functions are implemented within the positioner. Both functions are realised through two completely independent, separate microcontrollers for control and safety. Safety-related digital and analog inputs enable reliable switching of the process valve in combination with the integrated pilot valve.

Additionally, the internal self-test guarantees the cyclical monitoring of the safety function. This makes the CMSH suitable for use in safety-related systems and SIL 2.