New products to cater for industrial, commercial applications

23rd February 2018 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Creamer Media Online Writer

New products to cater for industrial, commercial applications

OPTIWAY Beka Schréder’s optional Optilink plug-in system is designed to simplify the installation process, while making it vandal- and theft-proof

Earlier this month, leading lighting solutions company Beka Schréder launched nine new luminaires, of which seven are designed to be used in industrial and commercial applications.

The luminaires designed for industrial and commercial applications include the Series 300 light-emitting diode (LED) bulkhead, which has a halo lighting effect and is ideal for public buildings, shopping centres, arenas, station corridors and stairways. “High-quality materials are used to ensure a high ingress protection (IP) and non- discolouring diffuser. The product also offers a long lifetime and easy installation procedure,” assures Beka Schréder product development manager Daniel Kasper.

The Optiway is a versatile, robust and low-power LED bulkhead that has mounting options, including a wall-mounting bracket, hook bracket or cable tie, while offering high photometric performance. This luminaire is especially recommended for use in underground haulage areas, outdoor mining areas, oil and gas refineries, food and beverage plants, as well as manufacturing process plants.

Kasper mentions that the Optiway comes with an optional Optilink plug-in system, which is a prewired plug-and-play system designed to simplify the installation process and make it vandal- and theft-proof.

The Optiway consists of a polycarbonate housing, which is sealed using a silicone gasket. “The newest LED technology has been used, while limiting the maximum wattage and the lumen output to optimise the thermal environment of the electronic components. Thereby, the bulkhead is able to last at least 50 000 hours in the most extreme environment.”

Electronic tempera- ture-monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply.
The Optiway is designed for LED light sources with between 8 W and 13 W power consumption.

Further, the minimalistic and modern look of the Kazelle is designed around the compactness of the LED engine, blending into the landscape. “Simultaneously, sustainable lighting solutions are provided that dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve visual comfort for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians,” avers Kasper. This luminaire can be used on urban roads, boulevards, parks, terraces, pedestrian areas, car parks and property surroundings.

The ILUMup is a versatile in-ground recessed uplight for decorative lighting applications, offering a range of photometric distributions for all types of illumination, including lighting façades, highlighting architectural details and uplighting trees.

“The ILUMup is the perfect solution for energy efficient retrofit projects that require a unique ambiance. With a high IP 67 tightness level and a load capacity of up to
2 500 kg, it is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.”

Kasper adds that the ILUMup is delivered with a prefitted electrical supply cable
to facilitate assembly and guarantee tightness over time.