New partnership offers turnkey STO solutions

7th September 2018

New partnership offers turnkey STO solutions

TURNING AROUND A new partnership will make Special Technical Operations easier

At Marcus Evans’ tenth annual Chemical/Petrochemical and Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds Event in San Antonio, Texas, in May, US-based business management consultant KAP Project Services and US-based industrial workforce management company Mobideo Technologies announced a strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end Special Technical Operations (STO) planning and real-time execution management solutions to asset-intensive industries.

KAP Project Services, a project controls and project services provider for the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries has integrated Mobideo into a comprehensive solution that changes the way companies plan and execute STO events. The turnkey STO event management solution delivers technology and proven methodologies across the five main components of an STO event: scoping and definition, planning, scheduling, execution and post-event analysis.

“This partnership is the logical next step in KAP’s growth plans to become a value-added provider of people, process and technology at all levels of an STO event. By optimising the planning and execution process with our new transformational software and services platform, our new partnership solutions bring visibility to all stakeholders driving improvements in communication and team collaboration. Mobideo adds the final piece of the puzzle that will create substantial value for our customers,” KAP Project Services president Scott Kammerer said in a statement.

Further, the KAP group of companies, along with Mobideo’s Industrial Workforce Management platform, will provide visibility and accountability across the entire turnaround life cycle.

“This holistic digital approach to turnarounds is a game changer for the industry. When speaking to our customers about the digitalisation of their industrial work execution processes, we saw their need for digitalisation across the entire life cycle, starting with effective planning and ending with data-driven lessons learned. We are excited to team with KAP to provide such a comprehensive solution that includes software and services,” Mobideo CEO Yaron Eppel said in the statement.

“We’ve worked with KAP on several turnaround projects in the past and trust their team to guide us on our journey to digitalisation. The real-time visibility of status from the C2Stat solution platform will allow us to identify problems earlier, streamline communications, make better decisions and increase overall execution performance.”