New paint colour palette unveiled

17th June 2021

New paint colour palette unveiled

Plascon has introduced its winter colour palette

A new range of paint colours launched specifically for South Africa’s winter season, is now available from Plascon.

The colour palette, titled Vivid Evolution, is said to feature a range of deep colour combinations that aim to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility.

The soft neutral grey colour labelled ‘Serious’, with code EC 37, is designed to work well for both interiors and exteriors and is described as a versatile colour that blends in and complements almost any setting. The so-called ‘Timeless Classic’, code P4-D1-1, is a mid-lavender colour with a neutral undertone,  intended for use as an accent colour, that Plascon maintains helps to support healing, calmness and renewal.

The company’s ‘Urban Rock’, code B4-E1-2, is a dark shade of cyan which is said to represent tranquility and a tension-free existence, while Plascon’s ‘French Kiss’, code R6-C1-1, is meant to inject energy, passion and style.

Plascon head of Colour Advisory Service, Nozipho Kunene shares some tips on how to use the company’s new paint palette: “Elevate your room by painting your ceiling the same dark hue as your walls. The natural boundaries and edges of the rooms will be blurred thereby making the room appear larger and the ceiling higher. Bold colour schemes are a great backdrop for neutral furniture and can modernise the look-and-feel of the space. In high-traffic areas, darker hues are great for hiding all the little flaws - from dirty finger stains to irregularities on the walls.”

The company offers a free advice service and invites customers to contact its Colour Advice team by email.