New measuring laser introduced to African market

6th April 2018 By: Victor Moolman - Creamer Media Writer

New measuring  laser introduced  to African market

LASER ALIGNED The laser can be used to align a new floor that is being created at a construction project

Tool and fixings distributor Upat has introduced the Stabila LAR 350 rotational laser (LAR 350) to the African market, which enables construction workers and foremen to measure, level and position equipment, explains Upat national product specialist Charl Weber.

The LAR 350 has a wireless controller that uses motion control, which means that the tool can be controlled through hand gestures while holding the controller. He says the laser rotation speed, the angle on which the laser travels and the type of measurements being done can all be controlled from the controller.

“The LAR 350, with its receiver, has a working diameter of 800 m and can be used to create an inclined measuring line,” he says.

He further highlights that the LAR 350 can be used across a variety of applications, such as creating sloped concrete floors for drainage, to level a concrete floor, as well as to design and level terraces.

The laser can also be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position to provide 360º measurements in both axes, can withstand construction environments and can fall 1.8 m without being damaged. The laser is IP 65 compliant, which makes the laser water and dust resistant.

Other Innovations

Since 1889, measuring equipment specialist Stabila has been developing new tools and apps that benefit the construction, mining and engineering industries. Weber explains that one of the most recent additions is the Stabila Measures app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

When the app is connected to a laser measuring product, engineers can transfer measured distances, angles and material costs. He says the program can easily assist in determining the initial costs of a project.

Project planning has become more mobile thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled laser distance measurers and the Stabila Measuring app as measurements and photos can be transferred to the program to aid in the planning phases of a construction project. Weber highlights that this is a useful function for project planners that have to estimate the costs of projects in remote locations.

Weber concludes that Stabila is continuing to develop new products to ensure that it keeps providing new and innovative products to clients globally.